The cloud world is evolving rapidly and Ubuntu is at the centre, with world‐class partners and a suite of OpenStack partner programmes.

Ubuntu in a cloud

Charm partner programme

Canonical’s Charm partner programme helps you leverage the power of Juju, the ground-breaking service modelling tool, by helping you create Juju charms for your products. Charms encapsulate all the important configuration information, defining how your services will be deployed and how they will work with other services.

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Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab

Ubuntu is the world’s most popular choice for OpenStack clouds. And as more new solutions are developed for OpenStack, interoperability between components becomes increasingly important. With the Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab, we test and integrate your hardware and software rigorously, to ensure all components can be combined reliably in real-world deployments.

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Ubuntu OpenStack

What makes up Ubuntu OpenStack? And how do all the parts fit together?


World leading public cloud partners

If you operate a public cloud or you’re considering launching one, the Ubuntu certified public cloud programme lets you make certified, secure and up to date Ubuntu images available to your users, along with the opportunity to sell management, monitoring and commercial support from Canonical — all of which represent additional revenue opportunities.

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A selection of our cloud partners

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology)
  • Incubio
  • Certivox
  • Expeto
  • Vedams
  • hSenid Mobile

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