Ubuntu legal terms and policies

We take our legal responsibilities very seriously at Canonical — especially where they concern the protection of your personal data and the contributions you make to the projects we manage — so we have a number of legal agreements that govern the way we work. They include privacy policies, agreements allowing us to share our intellectual property (which includes trademarks and content as well as code) and descriptions of exactly what our support services cover.

Ubuntu legal docs

Terms and policies ›

The main terms governing use of our software and websites, including links to privacy, intellectual property and copyright information.

Ubuntu Advantage terms ›

A legal description of the services included in the Ubuntu Advantage support package.

Contributors agreement ›

Details of the agreement you need to send to us before you begin contributing to projects at Canonical.

BootStack terms ›

A legal description of the services included in BootStack.

Short terms ›

This agreement sets out Canonical’s standard service terms for both Ubuntu Advantage and BootStack customers.