Kubernetes for the enterprise

This is pure Kubernetes tested across the widest range of clouds with modern metrics and monitoring, brought to you by the people who deliver Ubuntu.

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Kubernetes Certified Service Provider


Consistency and compatibility across public clouds and your private data centers.


CVE updates and TLS encryption across all components.

Fault Tolerant

High availability and zero downtime upgrades are guaranteed.

Cloud Native Platform

The Cloud Native Platform is a turn-key application delivery platform, built on Ubuntu, Kubernetes, and Rancher. Maximise developer velocity, integrate CI/CD, and ease the path from development into production with enterprise-calibre container management. Canonical delivers the Cloud Native Platform in partnership with Rancher Labs.

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Google Container Engine

In partnership with Google GKE

Google and Canonical together enable smooth hybrid operations between Google’s Container Engine (GKE) service with Ubuntu worker nodes, and Canonical’s Distribution of Kubernetes®*. Choose Canonical’s Kubernetes to be sure your container workloads can migrate to GKE thanks to our kernel-to-k8s alignment.

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Why choose the Canonical distribution?

Google, Microsoft, and many other institutions run Kubernetes on Ubuntu because we focus on the latest container capabilities in modern kernels. That’s why it’s the top choice for enterprise Kubernetes, too.

  • Cloud Neutral

    Deploy and operate consistently on AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Rackspace, SoftLayer, or on private VMware, OpenStack or bare metal.

  • Fresh

    Canonical enables upgrades to each new stable release as well as edge builds, so you can migrate to the latest version as soon as you want.

  • Secure

    Every component of Canonical's K8s distribution receives security maintenance automatically, and all components communicate with TLS encryption.

  • Supported

    Enterprise support is provided by Canonical, options cover a range of SLA’s and choice of physical / virtual / cloud. We support the full stack from kernel to k8s.

  • Extensible

    Our Kubernetes distribution enables easy integration of custom monitoring, storage, networking, and container runtimes. We offer consulting for deeper customisation.

  • Fully managed

    At your request, Canonical’s remote operations team can build and operate Kubernetes. We will transfer control of the cluster to your ops team any time you want to take over.

    Learn more about managed kubernetes ›

  • GPU and CUDA ready

    Automatically detect and configure GPGPU resources for accelerated machine learning, AI and transcoding workloads on K8s.

  • Converged

    Storage, networking and compute are overlaid in our hyper-converged reference architecture, ensuring the efficient use of resources and high availability failover.

  • Compliant

    Canonical’s Kubernetes distribution has consistently been the leader in K8s test suite performance and API standards compliance — the reference k8s implementation.

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On public clouds and on premises

  • Google Cloud Platform

Consulting packages

Canonical offers three service packages to help you launch your Kubernetes strategy.

Kubernetes Explorer

$19,500 one off fee

Our three-day training on Canonical Kubernetes and tooling, helping you ramp up your Kubernetes skills and get you ready to deploy in your own environment.

What’s included:

  • Kubernetes and Container basics
  • Reference architecture
  • Deployment on multiple substrates
  • Security and patching
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Lifecycle management
  • Backup and recovery

Contact us about Kubernetes Explorer ›

Kubernetes Discoverer

$45,000 one off fee

Get up and running in one week with a customised architecture to fit your requirements, including deploying on virtualised environments, private and public clouds.

What’s included:

  • High availability Kubernetes, deployed on Public Cloud, VMware, OpenStack
  • Custom Kubernetes architecture optimised for your workloads
  • Calico, Canal, Flannel networking
  • 3 days on-site in-person Canonical Kubernetes training

Contact us about Kubernetes Discoverer ›

Kubernetes Discoverer Plus

$95,000 one off fee

Be up and running in three weeks with a production-grade Kubernetes cluster with a modular ecosystem to fit your requirements. Deploy virtualised or bare metal.

What’s included:

  • High availability production-grade Kubernetes, deployed on Public Cloud, VMware, OpenStack, or Bare metal
  • GPU acceleration
  • Storage for persistent volumes
  • Custom Networking options
  • Management platform
  • Private Registry
  • Load balancers
  • Application Catalog
  • 2 days on-site in-person Knowledge Transfer to Kubernetes Operators

Contact us about Kubernetes Discoverer Plus ›

Support packages

Scale-out container management is top of mind for savvy cloud architects around the world. Ubuntu is, by far, the world’s leading platform for container-based workflows. Canonical provides enterprise-calibre support for Kubernetes.

For more information about Kubernetes support, contact us ›

  Ubuntu Ubuntu Advantage for Kubernetes Managed Kubernetes
  Without support Standard Advanced Managed
Price per node (physical) * $0 $600/year $1,200/year $4,380/year
Price per node (virtual) * $0 $200/year $400/year $1,460/year
Phone and web ticket support None 8am – 6pm on weekdays 24 hours a day, everyday 24 hours a day, everyday
Industry-leading cloud operations tooling (Ubuntu, MAAS, Juju, LXD) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deploy, run, scale, upgrade K8s Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitoring and logging   Yes Yes Yes
Landscape Management   Yes Yes Yes
Livepatch   Yes Yes Yes
Knowledge Base   Yes Yes Yes
High availability support     Yes Yes
Remote operations, smart alerts and proactive monitoring by Canonical’s cloud experts 24 hours a day, everyday       Yes
Disaster recovery       Yes

For more information about Kubernetes support, contact us ›

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* Kubernetes® is a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation in the United States and other countries, and is used pursuant to a license from The Linux Foundation