Install Kubernetes yourself

Ubuntu is the standard platform for Kubernetes — from development to production, on bare metal, on public cloud, on VMware and on OpenStack. All major clouds offer Ubuntu as the worker node for their Kubernetes SAAS offerings.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Three ways to get Kubernetes on Ubuntu


Microk8s is a single-package install that brings up a standard workstation K8s in under 60 seconds.

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Create your own cluster

The standard guided cluster installation with Ubuntu on any cloud or data centre from the CLI, try conjure-up kubernetes to install CDK, the Charmed Distribution of Kubernetes.

Deploy K8s

Public cloud CAAS

Leading public clouds offer Ubuntu K8s worker nodes for hybrid Kubernetes operations.

Getting started with Ubuntu and Kubernetes

Before you start, you’ll want this whitepaper

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The no-nonsense way to accelerate your business with containers

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • The background and timeline to the development of containers and the most recent technology that has led to the proliferation of containers on the Linux platform
  • The differences between and advantages and disadvantages of process containers and machine containers
  • Why containers present a new opportunity for the CTO to reduce cost, to increase agility, and to move to a more scalable and resilient architecture
  • How to recognise that some use cases are better suited to containers than others
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Full cluster deployment instructions

The standard Charmed Distribution of Kubernetes installation process creates a high-availability cluster of physical or virtual machines. It works on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, OpenStack, and Metal-as-a-Service (MAAS). There is an optional logging, monitoring and alerting capability which uses the ELK stack to organise logs from the entire cluster. Support for various storage, networking and container runtime plugins is standard.

Install Ubuntu Kubernetes

Workstation installation instructions

Developers often don’t need high availability, and would rather get a fast, local install of K8s which can be started or stopped on demand, for test and development iterations.

Microk8s is a simple, streamlined single-package install of Kubernetes that works for all classes of device - you can use it on your laptop, or a server, or a cloud VM. It will give you a full upstream install that is single-node only, but it’s a perfect way to get K8s for development or for edge/gateway environments. Microk8s is quick to install and has a small footprint.

Install on a physical cluster

Deploy on an OpenStack cloud using MAAS to provision the physical servers and conjure-up to install OpenStack and Kubernetes.

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