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70% of public cloud workloads and 54% of OpenStack clouds*

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Ubuntu is the platform of choice for most production OpenStack clouds, with Canonical providing consulting, training, support and fully managed cloud services for many of the world’s leading companies.

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  • Fully managed cloud service

    Let us take full operational control of your cloud remotely with our BootStack service — the fastest path to a private production OpenStack cloud.

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  • Consulting packages

    With Foundation Cloud Build, we will build you a fixed-price cloud on your premises, with a proven reference architecture in 3 weeks.

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  • Install now

    Spin up OpenStack or Kubernetes with conjure-up on a single laptop or on many racks.

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  • Automate physical servers

    Turn your data center into a physical cloud with MAAS bare-metal provisioning. On premises, open source and supported.

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  • Use Ubuntu on certified public clouds

    Ubuntu is the leading cloud guest OS, running most workloads in public clouds today.

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  • Model and deploy with Juju

    Hundreds of services and pre-configured applications available for single‐command deployment to any cloud.

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A selection of our OpenStack clients

Install OpenStack now

Use conjure-up to quickly deploy OpenStack on a single laptop using LXD containers, ideal for first-time users or developers. You can use the same tool with MAAS to operate on racks of bare metal, or OpenStack, or VMware.

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Also install Kubernetes with conjure-up

The Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes® is a pure Kubernetes brought to you by the people who deliver Ubuntu in partnership with Google, tested across the widest range of clouds with modern metrics and monitoring.

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Fully managed OpenStack cloud

Canonical operates many private OpenStack clouds on behalf of customers, enabling them to get the benefits of OpenStack on premise while focusing their staff on their business workloads. BootStack is a “build, operate and transfer” service that allows you to take control of your own cloud at any time. The fastest path to production OpenStack, with the most widely used OS for cloud computing.

  • Jointly shape the architecture to meet your requirements
  • We build OpenStack in your data center of choice, and operate it to an SLA
  • When your team is ready to take on OpenStack, we’ll hand over the keys

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  • Veritas
  • Lexis Nexis
  • Tele2
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • PCCW logo
  • Cogeco Datacenters
  • Fibernet
  • Biznet Gio
  • Mimedia
  • Voidbridge
  • UCT

Foundation Cloud Build for Ubuntu OpenStack

We will build you a highly available production cloud, implemented on-site with Canonical’s expert delivery team in the shortest possible time.

Foundation Cloud Build makes redeploying or cloning your cloud architecture easy and affordable. We will also handle any important changes to your infrastructure including config modifications, OS and platform version upgrades, and deeper design revisions.

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Kubernetes logo

The Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes® *

The easiest way to operate Kubernetes on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle or your private VMware, OpenStack and bare metal.

Canonical offers a distribution of upstream Kubernetes that is designed to work the same way on every infrastructure. Keep track of upstream changes through easy automated upgrades, and integrate your preferred monitoring system with a single command.

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Ubuntu on public clouds

The most popular operating system across public clouds is Ubuntu, because we work closely with major cloud operators to optimise the kernel and system for their infrastructure, speed up security updates and minimise the cost of network or storage for users by default.

  • Canonical guarantees the consistency, security and performance of Ubuntu on public clouds
  • Enterprise-grade commercial support is available
  • Twice as popular on the Amazon cloud as all other operating systems combined *

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Juju is the universal cloud app store

Consume applications that work the same way regardless of infrastructure. Juju enables you to operate standard solutions published by a community, or build your own. Reuse these solutions on AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, VMware, OpenStack, bare-metal and LXD containers.

  • Hundreds of services and pre-configured applications available on any public or private cloud
  • Solutions from databases and big data to containers and benchmarking
  • Publish your own solutions in the store

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Leading vendors publish solutions with Juju

  • IBM
  • Juniper
  • EMC
  • Microsoft

MAAS is Metal as a Service

The world’s fastest bare-metal provisioning system for large-scale infrastructure, turns your racks into a physical cloud. Get machines on demand with a fresh copy of Windows, Ubuntu or CentOS in minutes.

  • Cloud-style consumption of physical servers
  • Works with certified servers from every major vendor
  • Configure RAID, LVM and partitions
  • Configure network bonds, VLANs and subnets
  • The leading open source IP address manager (IPAM)
  • The fastest way to deploy Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows or custom images
  • Restful API, WebUI and command line client

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MAAS UI web page showing node listing


Manage thousands of Ubuntu desktops, servers and cloud instances. Updates, compliance reports and remote control through a web dashboard — widely rated the best Linux management system today.

  • Management at scale
  • Deploy or rollback security updates
  • Kernel livepatching
  • Compliance reports
  • Role-based access
  • Informative monitoring

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* The Cloud Market, August 2015 and OpenStack survey — May 2015

*, 27 August 2015

* Kubernetes ®is a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation in the United States and other countries, and is used pursuant to a license from The Linux Foundation