Ubuntu Core on the cloud

Snappy Ubuntu Core is the perfect system for large-scale cloud container deployments, bringing transactional updates to the world’s favourite container platform.

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Designed for Docker

Docker is the best way to deliver applications straight from the workstation to the cloud. And a majority of developers choose Ubuntu as their base operating system, with more than seven times the adoption of the next most popular platform. Snappy Ubuntu Core makes an even crisper host for Docker deployments.

Docker’s transactional application delivery is shaping modern application development and DevOps practice, and snappy Ubuntu promises to bring the same transactional updates to the operating system itself. We’re delighted to see the Docker ecosystem expand with this exciting new platform.

Ben Golub, CEO of Docker Inc

Easily extensible with frameworks

The base Ubuntu Core is deliberately tiny. This makes it more secure, and more general. Rather than force users to adopt a particular tool, we offer frameworks that extend the base system cleanly. Frameworks can be provided by any vendor in collaboration with Canonical, and they can provide services to applications that depend on them.

How does it work?

Ubuntu Core emerged from a project to deliver perfect system and application updates on phones — we created the snappy technology and application confinement system to ensure a carrier-grade update experience for Ubuntu mobile users and set a new standard for mobile application security. Ubuntu Core brings that technology to the cloud.

  • The OS and application files are kept completely separate, as a set of distinct read-only images.
  • Transactional, image-based delta updates for the system and applications that can always be rolled back.
  • These files are read-only, which means they cannot be tampered with and can be updated perfectly and predictably every time.
  • Signatures and fingerprints ensure you’re running exactly what was published by the developer, no funny business even if the bits came from the internet.
  • Delta management keeps the size of downloads to the bare minimum.

Snappy architecture

There are three layers that make up a snappy machine: the system layer, provided by Canonical, a layer of frameworks that extend the base system produced by vendors in collaboration with Canonical, and a set of snappy applications, provided directly by vendors. Updating any piece just means using the new version of a read-only image. Reverting to a previous version is just as easy.