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Get peace of mind with Ubuntu Advantage: cost-effective systems management and professional support from Canonical, the Ubuntu experts.

The Ubuntu Advantage service offers fast problem resolution and access to the Ubuntu experts whenever you need them. From basic office tasks to complex development work, Ubuntu Advantage from Canonical gives your organisation all the support you need to deploy and manage Ubuntu.

Landscape is the systems management tool available with Ubuntu Advantage. It allows you to manage thousands of Ubuntu machines as easily as one, making the administration of Ubuntu desktops, servers and cloud instances more cost-effective.

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Ubuntu Advantage

  • Choose the right level of cover to meet your needs

  • Standard

    For general business use such as email, messaging and web browsing.

  • Advanced

    For more intensive desktop usage, such as work conducted by developers.

Desktop features Standard Advanced
Price per desktop $ 105 $ 165
Landscape systems management Landscape Hosted Edition Yes Yes
Landscape Dedicated Server Optional Optional
Legal assurance Ubuntu Assurance programme Yes Yes
Knowledge and support Knowledge Base Yes Yes
Basic installation and applications Yes Yes
Installation, applications and systems administration support Yes Yes
Desktop virtualisation   Yes
Developer tools   Yes
Premium Service Engineer Optional Optional

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Ubuntu Advantage: what’s included?

Systems management: Landscape

With the Landscape systems management tool, you can automate updates and manage physical, virtual and cloud-based systems from a single interface. It's easy to set up, easy to use and requires no special hardware. It features:

  • Management at scale
  • Deploy or rollback security updates
  • Compliance reports
  • Role-based access
  • Informative monitoring

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24/7 support

The Canonical Technical Services team provides around-the-clock coverage for Ubuntu deployments all over the world. Telephone support gives you access to engineers with first-hand experience of your issues, while the online portal lets you track the progress of cases in real time.

Technical library

Exclusive to Ubuntu Advantage subscribers, the Canonical Knowledge Base is an online library of articles on technical issues including security, migration and networking.

Flexible deployment

You can use Landscape hosted as a service or, install Landscape Dedicated Server on your hardware and enjoy the same functionality of Landscape's SaaS edition, but within the control of your own security perimeter.

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