Announcing: BootStack

Build, operate and optionally transfer.

A hosted or on-premise Ubuntu OpenStack cloud, built and operated by us until you’re ready to take the keys.

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Build your own cloud with Ubuntu OpenStack

Ubuntu OpenStack is a fully integrated and optimised combination of the latest release of Ubuntu Server and the latest release of OpenStack. The main OpenStack releases are supported for a full five years on LTS releases of Ubuntu, giving you peace of mind combined with the latest OpenStack features.

Ubuntu OpenStack is the platform of choice for OpenStack users, with 55% of OpenStack deployments taking place on Ubuntu, and 7 out of 8 OpenStack ‘super-users’ choosing Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu remains the most popular operating system for OpenStack deployments 

OpenStack User Survey, November 2013

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Train and experiment before you invest

With Jumpstart Training, Canonical engineers will deliver a self-contained Ubuntu OpenStack cloud-in-a-box to your office. You will get two days of training and 2 weeks to experiment with the box. Build and destroy clouds, test your workloads, and bring your staff up to speed at your leisure.

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What Ubuntu offers you

Whether you’re building your own cloud or you want to use a public cloud, Ubuntu offers all the software infrastructure, tools and services you need.

  • Everything you need to efficiently build and integrate an OpenStack cloud
  • Certified Ubuntu Server images for use on the leading public clouds
  • Sophisticated tools to help you provision, build, manage and support your cloud at scale
  • Enterprise-grade commercial services available in the form of bespoke consulting engagements and ongoing Ubuntu Advantage support subscriptions
  • The option to have Canonical build and operate your cloud on your hardware, until your team is ready to take over responsibility, with the new BootStack service

What’s new in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ›

Learn what makes Ubuntu 14.04 LTS the ultimate enterprise cloud platform, both for building OpenStack clouds and for running on public clouds.


Using Ubuntu in the public cloud

Ubuntu is the most popular operating system on the leading public clouds and the fastest growing scale-out platform in the world. The following is a selection of public clouds offering certified Ubuntu Server images, created by Canonical.

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  • AWS
  • HP cloud
  • Joyent
  • IBM
  • Azure
  • Brightbox
  • VMware

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Is your organisation better off using a public cloud or building its own private cloud? What factors and trade-offs should you consider?


A complete set of cloud tools

Ubuntu gives you the tools you need to create, scale and manage your cloud for the long term.

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Free software

MAAS takes care of the initial setup and configuration of your servers, integrating them into your network.


Juju ›

Free software

Juju is a revolution in service orchestration. Deploy services like MySQL and Hadoop in seconds, to any cloud running Ubuntu.


Landscape ›

Free for 30 days

Landscape makes sure the software is up-to-date, monitors the system’s health and keeps your servers running perfectly.

Building a team to shape the cloud

Canonical needs even more cloud experts for its growing development teams. If you’ve got the skills and you want to help shape the cloud’s future, apply today.

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A diverse cloud ecosystem

From silicon manufacturers to enterprise software vendors and public cloud providers, Canonical works with partners throughout the cloud industry to ensure Ubuntu remains the best choice for OpenStack. The result is an established, growing ecosystem of third party components, all tried and tested at enterprise scale.

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Number one for telcos

If you’re a telco or service provider and you want to offer cloud services to your customers, there’s no more reliable or more popular choice of infrastructure than Ubuntu OpenStack. We have helped most of the world’s largest telcos and service providers take their OpenStack clouds from concept all the way to production. Read some of our insights on the most important considerations when building a telco cloud.

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Ubuntu OpenStack for service providers


Need services or support?

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, provides on-site consulting services and training, direct from engineers involved in developing Ubuntu and OpenStack. For ongoing support once your cloud is up and running, you can subscribe to Ubuntu Advantage, the service package that includes Landscape, Canonical’s enterprise cloud management software.

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