Ubuntu in the cloud

Whether you’re building your own OpenStack cloud or you want to use a public cloud, Ubuntu offers all the training, software infrastructure, tools, services and support you need.

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Everything you need for an OpenStack cloud

Ubuntu OpenStack is a fully integrated and optimised combination of the latest release of Ubuntu Server and the latest release of OpenStack. The main OpenStack releases are supported for a full five years on LTS releases of Ubuntu, giving you peace of mind combined with the latest OpenStack features.

64% of production OpenStack clouds are run on Ubuntu. * from the OpenStack User Survey – November 2014

Build your own OpenStack cloud

Use the Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack to quickly configure and install an OpenStack cloud on your hardware in minutes.

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Get a managed OpenStack cloud

With BootStack we build, support and host your very own OpenStack cloud for just $15 per server per day, plus hardware and hosting.

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    Using Ubuntu in the public cloud

    Ubuntu Server is the world’s leading cloud guest OS, running the majority of workloads in public clouds today, thanks to its security, versatility and regular updates.

    Certified images are available on most major clouds with partners like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud, HP Cloud, Joyent and IBM Smart Cloud and more. Plus, it is the only free cloud operating system with the option of enterprise-grade commercial support.

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      Ubuntu 15.04 highlights

      • Now with OpenStack Kilo
      • Initial release of LXD hypervisor
      • Updated LXC supporting Docker 1.5
      • Broad support for software-defined networking
      • Storage now supports Cinder, Ceph Hammer and bcache
      • HA stack updates
      • Updates to Juju and MAAS

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