Ubuntu Server — for scale-out computing

The leading platform for scale-out, Ubuntu helps you make the most of your infrastructure. Whether you want to deploy a cloud, a Hadoop cluster or a web farm, Ubuntu Server delivers the best value scale-out performance available.

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What’s new in 13.10

Juju Charms

  • Local provider: spin up a full application suite including all supporting services on your machine
  • Manual provisioning: you can now use pre-existing machines — no need for a cloud account
  • Manage Juju environments from Linux, OS X and Windows
  • Automatic provisioning support for Azure


  • Havana built for 12.04 LTS, available through Cloud Archive
  • Introducing support for KVM Virtualization in ARM A15, and experimental ARM A15 support in Xen 4.3
  • Fast new installer — up to five times faster

Scale-out at speed with Ubuntu on HP Moonshot

Ubuntu, the leading OS for x86 and ARM hyperscale is partnering with HP to disrupt the server marketplace with
HP Moonshot system.

Ubuntu is the scale-out leader and is fully integrated in the
HP Moonshot system.

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Performance and versatility

Fast, secure, deploy-anywhere technology for fast-moving companies

It doesn’t matter whether you want to deploy a NoSQL database, web farm or cloud. Ubuntu has the performance and versatility you need. Certified by leading hardware OEMs and with comprehensive deployment tools, so you can get the most from your infrastructure.

Our regular release cycle means that we support most of the latest applications. And our lean initial install and integrated deployment and orchestration technologies makes Ubuntu Server a great solution for simple deployment and management at scale.

Works with all your hardware and software

Scale without restrictions

With no licence fees or subscription costs, Ubuntu Server can help you scale your data centre efficiently. Its streamlined architecture and automated deployment capabilities enables you to deliver more services with less computing power and fewer resources.

A release schedule you can depend on

Stay up-to-date with free and regular updates and upgrades

The Ubuntu Server release schedule fits in with your business needs. Standard releases every six months help you stay up-to-date with the very latest hardware and software changes. Long-term support (LTS) releases, supported for five years, are perfect if you're looking for more stability over a longer period of time.

Support and systems management

The Ubuntu Advantage service offers efficient system administration with Landscape, fast problem resolution and access to Ubuntu experts as and when you need them.

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Juju — service orchestration

With over 100 services ready to deploy, Juju enables you to build entire environments in the cloud easily with the Juju Designer GUI. Juju works with public clouds like Amazon Web Services and HP Cloud, private clouds built on OpenStack or raw bare metal via MAAS.

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MAAS — bare metal provisioning

MAAS is a system that makes it quick and easy to set up the physical hardware base on which to deploy complex services that need to scale up and down dynamically, like Ubuntu’s OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

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Deploys anywhere

Choose from the most popular public clouds

Want the power of Ubuntu Server in the public cloud? Ubuntu Cloud Guest offers all the goodness of Ubuntu Server, specially tailored for public cloud infrastructures and without any licence restrictions.

We provide images for more public cloud providers than anyone else and we make sure they’re kept up-to-date. That means you can choose the very best software, hardware and services to meet your needs.

Ubuntu is the most widely used developer platform for open‐source cloud building, the reference operating system for OpenStack, and the most popular cloud guest operating system on private and public clouds globally.

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Ubuntu Server is available now for:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • HP Cloud
  • Internap
  • Microsoft Windows Azure
  • Joyent

Our big data partners

  • Couchbase
  • Cloudera
  • 10gen
  • Hortonworks
  • LexisNexis
  • MapR
  • DataStax

Built for big data and cloud

Speed and simplicity, on bare metal or in the cloud

With its new rapid deployment tools, Ubuntu significantly speeds up the installation of server instances on bare metal. And our service orchestration tool, Juju, makes deploying big data services surprisingly simple — on bare metal or in the cloud. That's why vendors like 10gen, Cloudera, Couchbase, DataStax, Hortonworks, LexisNexis and Map-R partner with us.

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The fast track to virtualisation

Ready to boost efficiencies and reduce costs? Virtualise your servers with Ubuntu Server and KVM. When you use a secure, lean version of Ubuntu as a guest operating system for your application, you can create virtual machine images in minutes. KVM, Xen, VMware and LXC are all supported.

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The decision-maker’s guide to the cloud and open source enterprise computing.

A thriving community

Exchange expertise and ideas with thousands of other IT professionals

Want to talk to other Ubuntu users straightaway? Share ideas and get advice and help from our large, active community of IT professionals. As a community, we set high standards for friendliness and tolerance, we welcome your questions and contributions!

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