Plans and pricing

Canonical offers a wide range of cloud products from training to managed clouds to support. We aim to be as easy to work with as possible, and that includes transparency about our pricing — no secrets and no overly-complicated plans.

BootStack fully managed OpenStack Cloud

Let Canonical build, operate and support your OpenStack Cloud. Available as a cost per server per day or per VM per hour

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Cost per server per day USD $15
Cost per fully managed VM per hour USD $0.05

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Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack

The quickest and easiest way to install Ubuntu OpenStack.

Up to 10 machines FREE
More than 10 machines See Ubuntu Advantage pricing

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Ubuntu Advantage for OpenStack

Ubuntu Advantage is our professional support package. It includes access to Landscape, the systems management tool for using Ubuntu at scale, as well as 24/7 telephone support, online support library and legal assurance.

Ubuntu Advantage for OpenStack is available in three flexible packages. Choose the right one for you to scale your business the most cost effective way possible.

Per VM per hour

Many public clouds charge for consumption of resources per hour and now with Ubuntu OpenStack, you can apply the same model to your OpenStack cloud.

Cost per fully supported VM per hour USD $0.03

Per server

Annual cost per physical server USD $1,000

Per availability zone

Availability zones in OpenStack separate compute hosts into logical groups and provides a form of physical isolation and redundancy from other availability zones, such as by using a separate power supply or network equipment. To avoid having to track and manage individual node count enabling you to take advantage of the elastic nature of cloud, especially as you scale your deployment, Canonical offer Ubuntu Advantage for OpenStack pricing per availability Zone.

  Small Medium Large
Physical nodes Up to 100 nodes From 100 to 500 nodes More than 500 nodes
Infrastructure 24/7 support yes yes yes
Landscape Dedicated Server yes yes yes
Unlimited supported Ubuntu guests* yes yes yes
Annual subscription per availability zone USD $ 75,000 USD $ 180,000 USD $ 350,000

*Support for guests is limited to office hours, but can be upgraded to 24/7

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Ubuntu on public clouds

Ubuntu Server is available as a cloud guest on participating public clouds. Pricing depends on size of virtual machine. Check with each provider for more details.

Cloud tools

Ubuntu provides tools to help you create, scale and manage your cloud.

Ubuntu OpenStack FREE

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OpenStack training

Class Price
OpenStack Fundamentals classroom based - 3 days USD $1,950 per person
Custom in your office USD $19,500 for up to 15 people

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Have a need for more customisation? We have helped the world’s leading telcos and service providers take their OpenStack clouds from concept all the way to production. We have an extensive portfolio of services to help you build and support an Extreme OpenStack cloud.

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