Jumpstart Training

Two full days of technical training, covering Ubuntu, MAAS, Juju, Landscape and OpenStack.

Canonical engineers will deliver an Orange Box to your office, that is yours for two weeks for $9,995 plus travel and accommodation (fixed at $2,500 in the US and €2,500 worldwide), as you safely experiment with the industry leading Ubuntu ecosystem of cloud technologies at your own pace and with your own workloads. We will join you again, a couple of weeks later, to review what you learned and discuss scaling these tools into your own data center, onto your own enterprise hardware.

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The Orange Box

What are the benefits?

Pack your conference room with curious sysadmins and devops engineers for two full days of in depth training by Ubuntu cloud experts.

  • Without disrupting your core network or production data center workloads, prototype your OpenStack experience in a private sandbox environment within an Orange Box
  • Experiment with various storage alternatives, practice scaling services, destroy and rebuild the environment repeatedly
  • Deploy OpenStack, Hadoop, CloudFoundry, and hundreds of other workloads in minutes
  • After the two weeks, review your experience with a Canonical engineer and discuss how your environment maps to these tools
The Orange Box

What is the Orange Box?

The Orange Box is a complete mobile cluster and an easy, low-risk way to deploy OpenStack cloud infrastructure on your premises, for testing or proof of concept. There’s no safer way to create your first cloud than with Canonical engineers by your side. Each Orange Box contains 10 nodes, each with 4 cores, 16GB of RAM, and generous SSD storage. The box is pre-loaded with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, MAAS, and Juju.

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Learn what’s inside the Orange Box — a complete mobile cluster with Metal as a Service (MAAS) and Juju.


What the engineer will do

  • Work with your ops team to design and deploy Ubuntu cloud Infrastructure on Orange Box
  • Share knowledge on the use of Ubuntu cloud guest (a version specifically designed for public or private clouds)
  • Deliver the required core build for Ubuntu Server
  • Plan and implement user and group requirements
  • Develop and integrate baseline security policies
  • Help with the deployment of Ubuntu cloud Infrastructure compute and/or storage services
  • Configure automated deployment tools
  • Help you develop a strategy for managing cloud capacity
  • Introduce your team to Juju and use it in your cloud environment
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OpenStack loves Ubuntu

The reference architecture for OpenStack is based on Ubuntu. Jumpstart gives you a private cloud compatible with that architecture, on a pre-assembled fully tested mobile cluster.

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Jumpstart is just the start

Our standard Jumpstart Training engagement is limited to two days training from an Canonical engineer for Ubuntu OpenStack, MAAS and Juju deployments on our Orange Box, which you can use for a two week period for $10K — excluding expenses, travel and accommodation. Additional support, assurance, consulting, integration and professional services are available on an individual basis.

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Just need the hardware?

If you already have experience of using Ubuntu, MAAS, Juju and OpenStack, you might prefer to buy the hardware alone, so you can build your own cloud. In which case, please contact our partner, TranquilPC.

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