Service modelling made simple

Juju is the game-changing service modelling tool that lets you build entire cloud environments with only a few commands. Whether you want to deploy OpenStack itself, a workload on public or private clouds, or even directly on bare metal using MAAS, Juju is the fastest and simplest solution.

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Inside Juju

Juju encapsulates all the goodness of an application in a charm. So you get the best practice in deploying that service, right at your fingertips.

Beyond configuration management

In the cloud, you need the flexibility to deploy and connect services organically, adding layers and reshaping parts without a central understanding of how the pieces fit together.

Juju was designed to work by itself or co-exist with tools such as Puppet and Chef, proven management products for defining specific services. Juju takes the process one step further, building on the machine configuration those tools provide, and allowing for amazingly fast and painless service orchestration.

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How is service modelling different from configuration management? Answer this question and more!


A one-stop shop

With 300 charms and growing, the Juju charm store is your future destination for cloud-based enterprise applications. From back-end services such as Hadoop or MongoDB to enterprise applications such as OpenERP, whatever you need, there’s a charm for that.

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In the cloud, wasted time is wasted money. Juju takes the complexity out of large deployments by allowing you to create services along with their dependencies, connect them together, and integrate them into your environment, all in a few minutes.

Juju GUI inspector Juju GUI inspector


Juju models services, not machines. Its most powerful feature is its ability to manage services and apply changes after the initial deployment using simple, one-line commands. To make it even easier, we’ve developed the Juju GUI which allows you to experiment and visualise what you’re doing.

Scale out

The ability to scale your workloads by adding more, cheaper nodes rather than moving to a “faster node” is the reason many organisations move to the cloud. This is known as “scale out”, and it’s a powerful model if you have the smarts to coordinate farms of servers.

In Juju, each charm knows what it takes to scale the service it provides, so scale out or in becomes a simple matter of asking the charm to do the work. If you have a tricky workload, you can write a charm for it once, and quickly deploy it anywhere.

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Can’t get enough Juju?

Juju is so amazing, we have a whole website dedicated to it. Whether you’re interested in learning more about Juju, downloading and using it, or writing your own charms, this is the place for you!

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