Partner programmes

As Ubuntu use grows, the world needs ever more phones, tablets, PCs, servers and clouds that are certified for compatibility. The opportunity for partners is immense.

To get to market quicker and reduce costs, OEMs and their partners need components that are compatible with the latest Ubuntu releases. For IHVs and ISVs, the big question is how to develop, test and certify such products.

The answer is to work with Canonical, the company sponsoring the Ubuntu project. OEMs, IHVs, ISVs and peripheral manufacturers can subscribe to the Canonical Technical Partner Programme, which provides all the information, tools and training a manufacturer needs to keep its products ahead of the Ubuntu development curve.

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Partner programmes for solution providers

  • Public cloud providers

    We provide optimised Ubuntu images, management and commercial support to the world’s biggest clouds.

  • Mobile network carriers

    We are finalising the Ubuntu phone OS with the needs of carriers and handset makers in mind.

  • Resellers

    Resellers can expand their service portfolios with Ubuntu Advantage – management and support for Ubuntu.

Partner programmes for technology providers

  • The OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL)

    An integration lab in which we test our cloud partners’ products in countless Ubuntu OpenStack configurations, currently working with over 3,000 combinations per month.

  • Hardware and component manufacturers

    We provide an end-to-end solution for manufacturers of Intel, AMD or ARM-based servers and client devices, helping them get to market on time and on budget.

  • Independent software vendors

    The Canonical Technical Partner programme provides all the information, tools and training necessary to stay ahead of the Ubuntu development curve.