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Ubuntu is the only operating system that can run both a mobile-based full touch interface and a true PC experience from a single smart device.

  • A comprehensive developer offering that works across the desktop, the tablet and the phone
  • The world’s favourite desktop Linux distribution, with a mature app marketplace
  • Choose from a number of app development options from web to native apps
  • Used by millions of developers, all over the world

One app on Ubuntu for all form factors

With Ubuntu, you can write a single app with responsive interfaces that allow it to run on any Ubuntu device. Use the Ubuntu SDK to build your app and make it available to users of Ubuntu PCs, phones and tablets, all in a single upload to the Ubuntu Store.

Ubuntu on a phone, tablet and PC monitor

Three reasons to build your next app on Ubuntu

  1. You can create one application that can run on any Ubuntu device and inherently scale to any type of display
  2. Ubuntu offers API support for deep service integration for native apps as well as simple frameworks for web app development (including JavaScript frameworks like Cordova and Node.JS environments)
  3. Ubuntu is one of industry's most established developer communities, empowering open development for devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets

Build it your way

A selection of apps

Convergent native apps

For graphics-heavy apps and games, Ubuntu offers full native OpenGL, alongside a QML development environment that lets you combine game engines written in C or C++ with JavaScript-based UI glue. That’s why firms like EA, Valve Software and Unity Technologies are already committing to Ubuntu.

HTML5 web apps

Our unique web app system lets you adapt any web property for installation as an app on Ubuntu. Running independently of the browser, it can be granted its own icon and access to system services. HTML5 apps written for other platforms can also be easily adapted to Ubuntu. Our browser supports WebRTC services to allow web based communication to just work.

Ubuntu’s unique scopes

Scopes deliver content by topic, straight to the user’s fingertips. They give you the opportunity to build app-like experiences right into the default interface, without the cost of developing traditional apps. To make development even easier, a new UI toolkit is available through the Ubuntu SDK, using JavaScript, C++ or Go.

A selection of Ubuntu apps

One size fits all

Developers can create one app that adapts to all form factors and screen sizes. Web apps and convergent native apps can be written using QML, HTML5 and Cordova with an ever-growing list of Ubuntu App Platform APIs. Ubuntu’s tight integration cycle enables a true write-once, run-everywhere approach that conserves precious developer time.

Get noticed with scopes

Ubuntu tablets and phones ship with a number of pre-installed scopes, including Shopping, Photos, Videos, News and NearBy for location-based information. By making your services available in one of these scopes — or even creating your own — you can build your content and services into the device’s default user experience.

Two tablets running Ubuntu displaying a selection of films Two tablets running Ubuntu displaying a selection of films

What is a scope?

Ubuntu’s scopes are like filters through which you can surface your content on an Ubuntu tablet or phone, without building an app. They use a straightforward framework for containing data sources, delivering content by topic, straight to the user’s fingertips.

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Easy to create

By using our predefined layouts and card designs you can piece together a unique mobile experience at a fraction of the cost of an app. Scopes are developed using the Ubuntu Scopes UI toolkit, available through the Ubuntu SDK using JavaScript, C++ or Go.

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Explore the Ubuntu SDK

Try out the integrated development environment for developing apps and scopes for Ubuntu.

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