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With Ubuntu, you’re in complete control, with the opportunity to own the entire service layer.

  • Create various form factors and value propositions, on the same platform
  • Create a truly branded experience, surfacing your content and services
  • Manage your own user accounts, payments and application store
Four phones showing 16.04 LTS

More than a phone — a unique opportunity for manufacturers and operators

With Ubuntu, OEMs can now create a new generation of smartphones that can provide a full PC experience when connected to a standard display. It’s a clear differentiator for manufacturers who want to address the growing consumer trend for device convergence.

Ubuntu on a phone, tablet and PC monitor

A super-sized developer opportunity

This is much more than a PC experience driven by a smartphone. It means mobile apps will now run on a full PC interface — a huge opportunity for mobile app developers, who will be able to give their users a wider range of features when their app is running on a desktop-sized display.

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Ubuntu on a phone, tablet and PC monitor
Two phones

Differentiate where it matters

Ubuntu allows you to control the entire service layer — the visual identity and the suite of digital life services — ensuring a consistent user experience. This gives you the opportunity to differentiate your handsets without fragmenting or forking the operating system. It’s an opportunity to increase revenue that simply doesn’t exist on other platforms.

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Profit via user payments

As well as integrating your content, functionality and branding, you can take over the management of your users’ financial interactions. You can integrate your own payment systems deep into the phone, via Ubuntu’s unique frameworks. And while you can opt to use the default Ubuntu store for downloads and purchases, you can also customise it to showcase your services, or replace it with your own store. No other mobile platform makes it this easy to develop your own ecosystem and revenue streams.

Ubuntu phone handsets

Targeting mid to high end devices

With a user experience and partner differentiation strategy that revolves around content and services — Ubuntu is tailored for users that require higher data usage and higher quality devices. By targeting mid to high end devices with Ubuntu, carriers and device manufacturers can deliver a superior experience while leveraging Ubuntu’s service layer differentiation opportunities.

Easier hardware enablement

Ubuntu’s core system is based around a typical Android Board Support Package (BSP), so you don’t need to invest in new ones. And we have teams based in Taipei, Shanghai, London, Beijing and Boston, who can engage with your engineering and factory operations.

We are very excited by our partnership with Ubuntu and look forward to an onward successful relationship.

Tony Navin, Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives at Snapdeal

If you already make handsets that run Android, the work needed to adopt Ubuntu will be trivial

Adán Muñoz, BQ Product Development Manager

Ubuntu is breaking down new barriers in mobile user experience and ecosystem development and we’re excited to be partnering with them.

Li Nan, VP at Meizu

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