Software-Defined Storage for OpenStack

The Ubuntu Advantage Storage support package from Canonical embeds proven software-defined storage (SDS) technologies into a 24x7-supported software solution with a fixed or metered pricing model.

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The enterprise storage challenge

The rate of enterprise data creation growth is exponential. As structured and unstructured data fills disks, compliance burdens increase, and data retention policies lengthen, every organisation must find cost-effective ways to grow their storage capabilities.

Public clouds have pioneered the approach of network-hosted software-defined storage architectures, delivering very reliable and efficient storage at low cost. Traditional enterprise SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions are now considered expensive to purchase, expand and upgrade.

The data center is following, and software-defined storage based on commodity servers and disks with Ubuntu has become the new norm for high-growth low-cost block storage, object stores and data lakes. Open source Ceph, Swift and HDFS enable massive enterprise operations with total costs in line with the underlying bulk commodity disk prices.

Ubuntu Advantage Storage is the proven enterprise software-defined storage offering at the lowest per gigabyte price.

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Ubuntu Advantage Storage FAQs ›

Answers to your most frequently asked questions about Ubuntu Advantage Storage.

Designed from the ground up for petabyte-scale deployments, Canonical’s software-defined storage solutions include all-open-source components with highly automated operations to drive down the cost of ownership. We specifically offer pricing models that match either your capex budget or consumption-oriented pay-for-what-you-use engagements that mirror public cloud pricing models at on-prem costs.

Storage options

With Ubuntu Advantage Storage you choose between four leading open source software-defined storage technologies.

All these technologies are available within our fully-supported reference architectures, deployed on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS alongside our award-winning cloud tools.

  • Swift icon


    The high performance S3-compatible object store developed and shipped with OpenStack, ideal for storing unstructured data.

  • Ceph icon


    A converged storage framework that has been designed to present object, block, and file storage from a single distributed computer cluster.

  • NexentaEdge icon


    Block and object storage offering inline de-duplication and compression, low latency block services, instant snapshots, and enterprise grade, end-to-end data integrity.

  • SwiftStack icon


    An object storage system built on OpenStack Swift, with an innovative storage controller for global management and NFS and SMB/CIFS file gateways.

Metered pricing

Legacy storage solutions are often priced per-node or according to total disk capacity. This can lead to a penalty for good practices such as high durability replication.

Ubuntu Advantage Storage is different. Our pricing is based on the amount of data you record in your storage pool, regardless of how it is written or how much disk space is used.

Ubuntu Advantage Storage means you don’t have to pay for replicas or empty space.

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Why Ubuntu Advantage Storage?

  • Plan, build and grow your production-grade SDS infrastructure on commodity hardware using proven open source solutions.
  • Deploy and scale an Ubuntu Advantage Storage cluster in hours, not weeks, using Juju and MAAS.
  • Pay only for the data you store — no cost penalty for increased replication or high-durability erasure coding or early build out of capacity.
  • World-class support from Canonical, experts in large-scale, multi-site-replicated deployments.
  • Built with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with five years of support for every component in the stack.

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