Ubuntu on a tablet and PC monitor

Ubuntu offers an intuitive touch interface and all the power of a PC when in desktop mode.

  • Mobile turns into a full PC when connected to a wireless mouse and keyboard
  • Run two apps side by side for true on-screen multi-tasking when in mobile mode
  • Ubuntu’s unique scopes make content and services easier to access

Convergence that just clicks

With Ubuntu’s convergence features, you can now get a full PC experience on your Ubuntu mobile device; create and access documents, spreadsheets and presentations with LibreOffice, the Microsoft-compatible productivity suite.

Simply connect a mouse and keyboard wirelessly to your mobile device when it’s time to get something done, whether it’s serious work or serious gaming. And to enjoy your content on an even grander scale, you can connect to a monitor or TV. It’s the best of both worlds: portability and big-screen productivity.

Convergence illustration

Everything you expect, designed beautifully

Ubuntu mobile includes all the smartphone essentials, crafted with breathtaking attention to detail. From edges that enable you to navigate faster to details like the striking clock face, nothing has been overlooked in the quest for mobile perfection.

See mobile in action

Phone screen examples

Introducing scopes

A selection of tablets displaying scopes

Ubuntu’s scopes are like individual home screens for different kinds of content.

They collect everything from movies, music, local services and social media, presenting it to you in one place without having to launch multiple apps.

All your favourite applications

Whether you’re a gamer, a music maven or you’re glued to social media, there are loads of apps downloadable from the Ubuntu Store.

  • Firefox icon


    The speedy, independent, open source browser from Mozilla.

  • Dropbox icon


    The world’s favourite cloud backup and file sharing service.

  • LibreOffice icon


    The free office productivity suite that’s compatible with Microsoft Office.

  • Telegram icon


    The open source messaging service that uses your phone number as your ID.

  • Twitter icon


    The social media powerhouse that’s become an essential for online life.

  • Gimp icon


    The world’s number one free app for image creation and photo retouching.

  • Gmail icon


    The free and secure email service provided by Google.

  • YouTube icon


    The video-sharing app for viewing and sharing videos.

  • Soundcloud icon


    Listen to music, collect tracks, and follow friends for free, wherever you are.

The Ubuntu Store

You can choose from a wide range of scopes and apps in the Ubuntu Store from partners such as Time Out, Twitter and Euronews. All of these and many more are available for download in just a few taps.

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