Everything you need from a PC — in a tablet or phone

Enjoy all the power of a PC on your tablet or phone — at home, at work or on the move.

  • Connect a wireless mouse and a keyboard to enter PC mode
  • Use two apps simultaneously with the Side Stage
  • Use all the PC apps you need: email, the web and office apps
Phone and tablet on the albums screen
Calendar app on Ubuntu phone

Beautifully designed features

Ubuntu mobile has been designed with obsessive attention to detail. Form follows function throughout, from the ever-changing welcome screen to essentials like messaging and alarms.

Today’s mobile devices are as powerful as ultra-light laptops, which means they are now capable of convergence. They can be connected to a keyboard, mouse and monitor — and used as a full PC.

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Ubuntu enabled devices

Canonical and its partners regularly release new Ubuntu phones and tablets.

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Life at your fingertips

Ubuntu introduces a new way to enjoy content and services on your phone, without relying on traditional apps.

A selection of Ubuntu apps

Develop once for multiple form factors

A selection of Ubuntu apps

With Ubuntu, developers can use the SDK toolkit to write a single native app that runs on Ubuntu phone, tablet and PC. Developers have a choice of programming languages and tools to use that spans native QML and HTML5, plus comprehensive API support for Cordova and JavaScript application frameworks.

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Perfect for partners

Ubuntu enables hardware makers to create phone and tablets of all kinds, including enterprise-grade convergent devices that can eliminate the need for conventional PCs in the workplace. Build anything from low-cost consumer electronics to enterprise-grade convergence devices for the office — and Ubuntu makes a great platform for ruggedised, industrial and military hardware.

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