Managed Services description

Valid since 13 June 2018

Appendix 1 - Support Process

Appendix 2 - Management escalation

In the event of an unsatisfactory service of any kind, there are several ways to escalate this situation to Canonical management.

Feedback at end of case

When a case is closed, a survey will be emailed to the case owner concerning overall experience with Canonical's support. All surveys are reviewed by management.

Ask for a Peer Review

As a normal business practice, Canonical performs peer reviews on a percentage of all cases. Customers can specifically request a peer review on a case within the case comments or by calling the phone number listed in the support portal. An impartial engineer will be assigned to review the case and provide feedback.

Management escalation

Non-urgent needs

  • Please request a management escalation within the case itself. A manager will be contacted to review the case and post a response within 1 business day.

Urgent needs