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Autonomous, secure, and remotely upgradeable, the new wave of robots and drones feature amazing apps for advanced industrial intelligence.

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I think that Ubuntu Core 16, with the ability to deploy ROS applications as snaps, offers an opportunity to make the whole software management process easier and more secure, helping developers and organisations in their robotics deployment.

Brian Gerkey, CEO, Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF)
  • Robots that can think

    ROS (Robotic Operating System) is built on Ubuntu. With computer vision and AI libraries and a wide choice of supported sensors, it’s the most popular robotic development environment for everything from autonomous drones to self-driving cars.

  • From prototype to production

    Commercialise your robotics projects with Ubuntu Core, taking machines to market with snaps for updates and security. Regular and reliable upgrades improve your robots and drones in the field, with a fail-safe update system.

  • Industry-leading security

    Ubuntu Core delivers application confinement, restricted file access and read-only applications, to ensure the integrity of the software running your robots. The result is security by design, from the drivers on your board to the apps that define your robot behaviours.

  • New revenues

    Offer an appstore for your drones and robots and you can generate revenue from updates, add-on functionality, support services or complete reconfigurations.

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