Ubuntu release end of life

When an Ubuntu release reaches its “end of life” it receives no further maintenance updates, including critical security upgrades. We highly recommend that you upgrade to a recent version of Ubuntu at this point.

This command will print the exact status of your system.

$ ubuntu-support-status

For information on previous and upcoming releases and please see the Ubuntu Releases wiki for more details.

Ubuntu Server and desktop release end of life

Standard Ubuntu releases are supported for 9 months and Ubuntu LTS (long-term support) releases are supported for five years on both the desktop and the server. During that time, there will be security fixes and other critical updates. The Ubuntu support lifecycle is as follows:

Ubuntu Desktop release cycle, 5 year long-term support
ReleaseReleasedEnd of life
Ubuntu 16.04 LTSApr-2016Apr-2021
Ubuntu 15.10Oct-2015Dec-2015
Ubuntu 15.04Apr-2015Jun-2015
Ubuntu 14.10Oct-2014Dec-2014
Ubuntu 14.04 LTSApr-2014Apr-2019
Ubuntu 12.04 LTSApr-2012Apr-2017
Ubuntu 10.04 LTSApr-2010Apr-2015

Kernel release end of life

The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing Ubuntu LTS releases. These can be installed manually, or are automatically shipped if installing from 12.04.2/14.04.2 and newer release media. These newer enablement stacks are meant for desktop and server, and even recommended for cloud or virtual images. The Ubuntu kernel support lifecycle is as follows:

ReleaseReleasedEnd of life
Ubuntu 16.04.5Aug-2018Apr-2021
Ubuntu 18.04.0Apr-2018Apr-2023
Ubuntu 16.04.4Feb-2018Aug-2018
Ubuntu 17.10Oct-2017Jul-2018
Ubuntu 16.04.3Aug-2017Feb-2018
Ubuntu 17.04Apr-2017Jan-2018
Ubuntu 16.04.2 (v4.8)Feb-2017Aug-2017
Ubuntu 16.10Oct-2016Jul-2017
Ubuntu 16.04.1 (v4.4)Aug-2016Apr-2021
Ubuntu 14.04.5 (v4.4)Aug-2016May-2019
Ubuntu 16.04.0 (v4.4)Apr-2016Apr-2021
Ubuntu 14.04.4 (v4.2)Feb-2016Aug-2016
Ubuntu 15.10 (v4.2)Oct-2015Oct-2015
Ubuntu 14.04.3 (v3.19)Aug-2015Aug-2016
Ubuntu 15.04 (v3.19)Apr-2015Jan-2016
Ubuntu 14.04.2 (v3.16)Feb-2015Feb-2016
Ubuntu 14.10 (v3.16)Oct-2010Jul-2011
Ubuntu 14.04.1 (v3.13)Aug-2014Feb-2016
Ubuntu 12.04.5 (v3.13)Aug-2014May-2017
Ubuntu 14.04.0 (v3.13)Apr-2014Mar-2019
Ubuntu 12.04.4 (v3.11)Feb-2014Aug-2014
Ubuntu 13.10 (v3.11)Oct-2010Jul-2011
Ubuntu 12.04.3 (v3.8)Aug-2013Aug-2014
Ubuntu 13.04 (v3.8)Apr-2013Jan-2014
Ubuntu 12.04.2 (v3.5)Feb-2013Aug-2014
Ubuntu 12.10 (v3.5)Oct-2012Apr-2014
Ubuntu 12.04.1 (v3.2)Aug-2012Apr-2017
Ubuntu 12.04.0 (v3.2)Apr-2012Apr-2017

For more information on previous and upcoming kernel releases please see the Ubuntu LTS Enablement Stack wiki page.

Ubuntu OpenStack release end of life

Canonical’s Ubuntu Cloud archive allows users the ability to install newer releases of Ubuntu OpenStack on an Ubuntu Server as they become available up through the next Ubuntu LTS release. The Ubuntu OpenStack support lifecycle is as follows:

ReleaseReleasedEnd of lifeExtended customer support
OpenStack QueensApr-2019Apr-2024
Ubuntu 18.04 LTSOct-2018Oct-2023
OpenStack QueensApr-2018Apr-2021
OpenStack PikeOct-2017Apr-2019
OpenStack OcataApr-2017Jan-2019Aug-2019
OpenStack NewtonOct-2016Apr-2018
OpenStack MitakaApr-2016Apr-2021
Ubuntu 16.04 LTSApr-2016Apr-2021
OpenStack MitakaApr-2016Apr-2019
OpenStack LibertyOct-2015Apr-2017
OpenStack KiloApr-2015Oct-2016Apr-2017
OpenStack JunoOct-2014Apr-2016
OpenStack IcehouseApr-2014Apr-2019
Ubuntu 14.04 LTSApr-2014Apr-2019
OpenStack IcehouseApr-2014Apr-2017
OpenStack HavanaOct-2013Jul-2014
OpenStack GrizzlyMay-2013Aug-2014
OpenStack FolsomSep-2012Jun-2014
OpenStack EssexApr-2012Apr-2017
Ubuntu 12.04 LTSApr-2012Apr-2017

For more information on previous and upcoming Ubuntu OpenStack releases please see the Ubuntu Cloud Archive wiki page.