Ubuntu ESM

Each Ubuntu release has security updates provided to all users for five years from the initial release date. Ubuntu also releases new LTS releases every two years. For customers building on rapid release cycles using the latest technologies can be assured their systems will remain patched against security vulnerabilities simply by upgrading to the latest LTS release.

For customers operating longer development cycles, or wishing to keep systems in production for longer production lifespans, Canonical offers Extended Security Maintenance.

ESM provides ongoing security fixes for the kernel and essential packages for a specific time-frame beyond the five-year security maintenance window.

ESM is a benefit of Ubuntu Advantage and can also be purchased stand-alone.

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Benefits of ESM

Ubuntu ESM updates will help ensure the on-going security and integrity of their LTS systems.

Canonical’s Ubuntu security team provide fixes on high and critical CVEs (common vulnerabilities and exposures) for the most commonly used server packages in the Ubuntu main archive. ESM provides the essential continuation of the security updates that Ubuntu users have always received via a secure, private archive.


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Ubuntu ESM FAQs ›

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Ubuntu ESM — what’s covered?

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Three ways to get ESM through Ubuntu Advantage

Buy direct from the store

Users interested in Ubuntu ESM updates can purchase Ubuntu Advantage from our online store.

Purchase at buy.ubuntu.com

Buy from AWS Marketplace

For Amazon AWS users, you can purchase Ubuntu Advantage through the AWS Marketplace.

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Existing subscribers

If you’re already a qualifying Ubuntu Advantage customer, you can request your credentials.

Ask on support.canonical.com

How to enable ESM on your system

To enable ESM on your Ubuntu LTS systems, from the command line type the following commands and follow the step-by-step instructions:

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