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Ubuntu Core is a lean, strictly confined and fully transactional operating system. We designed it from the ground up, to focus on security and simplified maintenance, for appliances and large device networks. Ubuntu Core is powered by snaps - the universal Linux packaging format.

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Raspberry Pi

Ubuntu Core 18 allows you to install apps on your board in just a few clicks for Raspberry Pi 2 or 3.

Install on Raspberry Pi 3 or 2

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Ubuntu Core 18 helps you harness the power of boards tailored for the IoT ecosystem, like the Dragonboard 410c.

Install on Dragonboard 410c

Intel NUC

Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Core 18 can be easily installed on other architectures like Intel® 64 bits.

Install on Intel NUC

Intel IEI TANK 870

Ubuntu Core 18 brings enterprise-grade security to industrial AIoT kits such as the Intel IEI TANK 870.

Install on Intel IEI TANK 870

To run Ubuntu Core on your workstation, you can install Ubuntu Core in KVM.

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