Try OpenStack on a single machine using conjure-up

OpenStack with conjure-up

Conjure-up’s ability to easily and quickly deploy real-world OpenStack on a single laptop using LXD containers is ideal for first-time users or developers.


  • Laptop, desktop or virtual machine with 16GB RAM, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, snapd and LXD installed
  • An hour of your time

Before you start, you’ll want this eBook


The phase change from traditional, monolithic software to multi-host microservices-based big software demands that you approach the challenge of deployment, integration and operations from a different perspective.

This eBook will give you a deeper understanding into why there is a perceived complexity to the installation and operations of OpenStack and how tools like Canonical’s conjure-up and OpenStack can help you build a modern, scalable, repeatable and affordable private cloud infrastructure.

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Watch the conjure-up walkthrough

Installation instructions

  1. 1Install and start conjure-up

    Getting OpenStack running on your computer is easy with conjure-up.

    From the command line type the commands below and follow the step-by-step instructions:


    If above commands fail you’ll want to make sure snapd is installed on your system as it is not available in releases before Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or in the daily images from

    Then relogin or run:

    Now you can try installing conjure-up again.

  2. 2Select the ‘OpenStack with NovaLXD’ spell

    screenshot of the conjure-up interface with the 'OpenStack with NovaLXD' option selected

    Then follow the rest of the on-screen instructions.

  3. 3Follow the on-screen instructions

    Configure OpenStack with conjure-up and, when it is completed, go to http://<openstack ip>/horizon and login with the default username “admin” and password “openstack”.

    screenshot of the conjure-up interface with the 'OpenStack with NovaLXD' option selected

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