The Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes

Enterprise Kubernetes, anywhere

In partnership with Google, Canonical now delivers a ‘pure K8s’ experience, tested across a wide range of clouds and integrated with modern metrics and monitoring.

The Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes works across all major public clouds and private infrastructure, enabling your teams to operate Kubernetes clusters on demand, anywhere.

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Getting started with the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes

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Certified on public clouds and on-premise infrastructure

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • VMware
  • AWS
  • Joyent
  • MAAS
  • OpenStack
  • Local host

Getting started

Why use Canonical’s distribution of Kubernetes?

Elasticity built-in

Even for experts, installing and operating Kubernetes at scale is daunting. By installing it with conjure-up and managing your deployment with Juju, Canonical’s Distribution of Kubernetes is simple, naturally elastic and integrates with common operations dashboards. Charms deliver the latest stable Kubernetes and Juju makes it easy to manage and grow your cluster.

Your choice of infrastructure

The Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes is certified on most major public clouds and on-premise private infrastructure like VMware, OpenStack or bare-metal MAAS. The ability to move workloads is critical for organisations to remain competitive, foster innovation and avoid infrastructure lock-in.

Analytics on tap

Canonical’s Distribution of Kubernetes optionally plugs into Prometheus for monitoring, Ceph for storage and a fully integrated Elastic Stack including Kibana for analysis and visualisations.

Cost-effective at scale

The major cost of Kubernetes is the operations expertise needed to run at scale. Canonical’s Kubernetes bundle includes all operational scripting and tooling needed to manage a long-lived cluster, including upgrades and elastic scaling. With Juju you get all the industries best practices for Kubernetes ops for free.

Production features

  • Access to the latest stable upstream Kubernetes release
  • Access to daily ‘edge’ builds of upstream Kubernetes development branch (1.5.x) with rollback
  • Easy install with Juju or conjure-up
  • Scale master nodes independently of worker nodes
  • Workloads are automatically portable between public clouds, private clouds and bare metal with an easy onramp to Google Container Engine (GKE)
  • Easily create and remove user access
  • Maintenance mode and supported upgrade path to new upstream versions
  • Optional: Kubernetes dashboard, Prometheus, for monitoring and alerting, collection and processing of system metrics
  • Optional: Elastic Stack for Insights with Beats log collection and monitoring and analysis and visualisation with Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Optional: Ceph for filesystem and block storage

Learn more in the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes datasheet

Support and customisation services

Enterprise support for Kubernetes is provided by Canonical in partnership with Google where customers gain access to a global pool of knowledge and expertise.

We also offer consulting services and customisation for larger organisations to integrate Kubernetes with existing infrastructure.

For customers needing a fully managed Kubernetes, Canonical will deploy and operate your cluster remotely, and hand over to your own team as soon as they are familiar with the operational practices under the hood.

To discuss your requirement connect with a member of the Canonical team.

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