• OpenStack is the leading open cloud platform
  • Ubuntu is the world’s most popular operating system for OpenStack
  • Ubuntu OpenStack is the world’s most stable and manageable cloud
  • Try or build your own cloud, engage us to build and manage it or commission a completely bespoke cloud solution

Install OpenStack

Among OpenStack deployments with more than 1,600 users, OpenStack survey — April 2016 [PDF 14.6MB]

Four ways to get OpenStack on Ubuntu

Get started on a single machine

Conjure-up’s ability to easily and quickly deploy real-world OpenStack on a single laptop using LXD containers is ideal for first-time users or developers.

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Build your own production grade cloud

Canonical’s OpenStack Autopilot is a fully automated tool for easy OpenStack deployment, management and operations.

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Buy a managed cloud

With Bootstack, we will set up and operate an OpenStack cloud for you on your premises from only $15 per server per day.

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Get a customised cloud

Our engineers can tailor OpenStack to support your specific requirements and cloud applications.

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A selection of our OpenStack clients

Install OpenStack on a single machine with conjure-up

Want to try out Ubuntu OpenStack for the first time or develop ‘cloud native’ software on a single machine? Start with conjure-up.

Conjure-up is a command line tool exclusive to Ubuntu 16.04 that enables developers to easily deploy real-world, multi-node OpenStack on a single machine using LXD containers.

Use conjure-up

Build a production cloud with Autopilot

Canonical’s production cloud installer — OpenStack Autopilot — is the best way to build a clustered OpenStack cloud.

  • Fully automated install and operations
  • Choice of storage and SDN technologies
  • Highest performance cloud architecture
  • Add hardware at any time to scale up
  • Works on all major vendor servers
  • Free to all Ubuntu Advantage customers
  • From 5 servers upwards, your cloud grows on demand
  • Automatically builds for high availability

Use Autopilot

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Buy a BootStack managed cloud

BootStack gives you a private OpenStack cloud managed by Canonical. It runs on your hardware, in the datacenter of your choice with our experts responsible for design, deployment and 24x7 support.

  • Built to your specifications
  • Your choice of certified hardware
  • Retain complete control of every tool and every machine
  • Guaranteed availability backed by a clear SLA
  • Transfer operations anytime you want

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Get a customised cloud

Engage us to tailor OpenStack to your requirements, with the exact components you want and the precise configuration you need to support all your cloud applications and workloads.

  • SLAs and support services
  • On-site engineering and support
  • Reference architecture design
  • OpenStack feature development
  • Variable service placement
  • Automated deployment scripts
  • Repeatable deployment
  • Hardware selection support

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