• Companies such as AT&T, Bloomberg, Paypal, eBay, Sky and Walmart build OpenStack with Canonical on Ubuntu
  • Upgrading OpenStack is easy with Canonical’s implementation
  • BootStack is Canonical’s fully managed OpenStack on your hardware, in your data center
  • Ubuntu is the most widely deployed Linux for OpenStack

Install OpenStack

OpenStack deployments with more than 1,000 cores, OpenStack survey — April 2017 [PDF 10.6MB]

Four ways to get OpenStack on Ubuntu

Fully managed OpenStack on premises, by Canonical

Canonical’s Bootstack team will design, build and operate a production OpenStack cloud on your premises from only $15 per server per day. When your team is ready, we’ll transfer control of your cloud to them.

This is the recommended way to get to production quickly, enabling you to ramp your workloads efficiently and move beyond legacy virtualisation.

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Consulting, Training and Enterprise Support

We will build you an OpenStack in three weeks

Canonical offers training, consulting and support. Our engineers will build your production OpenStack cloud, working alongside your team.

Tailor that OpenStack to your requirements with optional consulting services around networking, storage, hypervisors and cloud architecture.

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Developer OpenStack — single or multiple machine

Use Canonical’s conjure-up installer with LXD containers to deploy a simulated multi-node OpenStack that is fast and lightweight. Ideal for first-time users or developers who want to see the various components of OpenStack in action.

Use it with MAAS (‘Metal as a Service’) to deploy across many servers and scale it to many racks.

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Self-install a reference architecture OpenStack

Canonical’s OpenStack Autopilot is a fully automated deployment, management and operations tool for the hyper-converged OpenStack reference architecture. It is recommended for larger production deployments on homogenous hardware.

Some customisation is possible through manual placement of administrative, compute, network or storage services.

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A selection of our OpenStack clients

Conjure-up OpenStack

Canonical’s conjure-up is an installer for complex topologies of interconnected software, like OpenStack and Kubernetes, or Hadoop. It works on Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace and private infrastructure - bare metal, LXD containers, VMware or OpenStack.

Want to try out Ubuntu OpenStack or Kubernetes for the first time? Start with conjure-up. Conjure-up is an open source command line tool written in Python. It uses ‘spells’ which describe the applications to deploy — modify, create and publish your own spells easily to share your reference architecture inside the organisation.

Install with conjure-up

Build your own cloud with Canonical’s OpenStack Autopilot

The OpenStack Autopilot is the easiest way to build the reference architecture OpenStack cloud.

  • Deploys OpenStack Ocata
  • Fully automated install
  • High performance cloud architecture
  • Add more hardware later to scale up
  • Initial 10 nodes free
  • Free for Ubuntu Advantage enterprise support customers
  • Starts at five servers
  • Automatic high availability given sufficient servers

Use Autopilot

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BootStack — fully managed OpenStack on premise

BootStack a private OpenStack cloud managed remotely by Canonical. This is the fastest way to get to production. It runs on your hardware, in the datacenter of your choice with our experts responsible for deployment and 24/7 support.

  • Built to your specifications
  • Your choice of Ubuntu- certified server and network hardware
  • Monitor every machine with your existing dashboards
  • Guaranteed availability backed by a clear SLA
  • Transfer operations anytime you want

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Consulting and Build: Production OpenStack in 3 weeks

Engage us for a Foundation Cloud Build to get a full production OpenStack cloud up and running in 3 weeks using the reference architecture. With model driven operations and upgrades to future OpenStack releases guaranteed, the OpenStack cloud from Canonical is the fast track to efficient cloud success. Optional consulting available to tailor the architecture to your specific requirements.

  • SLAs and support services
  • On-site engineering and support
  • Reference architecture available
  • OpenStack feature development as needed
  • Customized architecture service placement
  • Repeatable automated deployment
  • Hardware guidance

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