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Our experience in the PC business makes us the perfect partner for a Linux based tablet. With its distinctive design and user experience, Ubuntu makes an incredible new platform for you to deliver class-leading devices quickly and easily. We support your need to tailor devices to your brand, integrating custom services, content and apps without fragmenting the ecosystem.

Two Ubuntu tablets side by side

Now it’s easy to make a great tablet

It just became much easier to deliver a great tablet experience. Without the overhead of a Java virtual machine, Ubuntu runs core software at native speeds giving you
fast, fluid transitions and a responsive design – even on low-end devices.

More powerful devices can switch from the tablet to a full
PC interface when a keyboard is connected, creating great opportunities for the enterprise market.

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Ubuntu tablet hardware requirements

Entry level consumer Ubuntu tablet High-end Ubuntu enterprise tablet
Processor architecture Dual-core Cortex A15 Quad-core A15 or Intel x86
Memory 2GB preferred 4GB preferred
Flash storage 8GB minimum 8GB minimum
Screen size 7-10 inch 10-12 inch
Multi-touch 4 fingers 4-10 fingers
Full desktop convergence No Yes

Any size you want

Our unique interface design scales from the phone to
the tablet and works equally well on pocketable consumer-oriented tablets from 7" up and full-blown media or enterprise tablets with screens from 10" to 20" and high definition resolution.

And since there are no physical buttons needed beyond the power switch, you have more flexibility for incredible device design with Ubuntu than any other platform today.

Ubuntu running on tablet and phone side by side
Ubuntu convergence illustration


Just add a keyboard and mouse and your high-end tablet becomes a PC that’s ready for business. Ubuntu is popular
in the enterprise for its robust security, great usability and standard management. The addition of a tablet experience provides complete mobility as well as productivity. Since it
is all pure Ubuntu, the tablet can do everything a desktop computer can, including act as a thin client with access to remote Windows apps and desktops. The best of all worlds,
in one device.

Ubuntu tablet branded screen
Ubuntu tablet branded screen

Customised but not fragmented

Ubuntu can be differentiated with partner branding,
content, services and apps without breaking compatibility
in the broader app ecosystem. Brand the device, specify favourite apps, extend the home screen to include your music, films, shows, apps and stores. Connect your services
to the tablet, such as backup and photo sharing.

We designed specifically for operator and OEM customisation and services, with a framework that keeps the platform consistent for developers but nonetheless supports revenue opportunities for the whole ecosystem.

We have the tools, teams and technology

When you’ve decided to ship Ubuntu, our teams in Taipei, Shanghai, London, Beijing and Boston engage with your engineering and factory operations – with the sole focus
of delivering a crisp Ubuntu experience on your device.

Ubuntu has been running on ARM since 2008, making it the only enterprise Linux to support the ARM platform. That ensures an efficient and responsive user experience even
on low-end hardware.

We use a standard Linux kernel and the drivers from
existing Board Support Packages (BSPs), minimising the
need for investment in hardware enablement. If you already make devices that run Android, the work to adopt Ubuntu
will be minimal.

Hundreds and thousands

  • Hundreds of developers are now creating Ubuntu
    mobile apps.
  • Thousands more use Ubuntu as their workstation
    of choice.
  • Thousands of apps are already in our software centre.
  • Hundreds of popular HTML5 apps will work with
    little modification.
  • Thousands of developers are already making apps
    for Ubuntu.
  • Thousands of people have already registered their interest for Ubuntu mobile devices.
Hello written in a number of languages in Ubuntu speak bubbles

A global brand

Ubuntu has been translated into over 40 languages and is already used on
PCs in over 70 countries. With 20 million desktop uses around the world, it
is both an established technology platform and an established global brand.

Backed by Canonical

Canonical is the global software vendor that provides commercial and design support to the Ubuntu project. Today, our hardware enablement team supports
the pre-installation of Ubuntu on PCs from all the world’s top PC manufacturers.

Thanks to Canonical’s relationships with its OEM partners, Ubuntu has an enormous retail presence in key emerging economies, with branded merchandising and trained retail staff in over 1,000 stores.

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