Marvelously multi-talented

Ubuntu on tablets

With unique multi-tasking productivity, secure sharing, and a beautiful interface which scales perfectly from 6.5” to 20” screens and beyond, Ubuntu releases new possibilities from the tablet, at work and at play.

Ubuntu tablet sharing a movie

Multitasking mojo

Ubuntu’s unique side stage places a phone and a tablet app on the same screen at the same time for amazing tablet productivity. True multitasking comes to the tablet.

Ubuntu tablet running multiple applications side by side
Ubuntu tablet running multipule applications side by side

Take calls in Skype while you work in a document, make notes on the side while you surf the web, tweet while you watch a movie.

Or use apps collaboratively – drag content from one app to another for a super-productive day. We’ve reinvented
the tablet as a bridge between phone and PC.

Safer sharing

Your Ubuntu tablet has multiple secure user accounts, and
a guest account. Perfect for families and friends, and ideal for the office, with secure multi-user logins that make using and sharing devices safe.

Data protection is world class with full disk encryption, and additional encryption for personal data, making Ubuntu perfect for sensitive environments and regulatory compliance in the medical, military, industrial and finance sectors.

Effortless navigation with magic edges

Use all four edges of the screen to navigate between apps, settings and controls. There are no buttons on the Ubuntu tablet, you don’t have to keep returning to
the home screen every time you want to switch apps – everything is available at
a swipe. Leaner, cleaner, more elegant hardware designs are possible with Ubuntu – the result is a joy to use.

Instant launch

The left edge holds your favourite apps, so all the things you use most are only
a touch away. Here you can see what’s running, switch between apps or launch your favourites quickly.

The system at your service

Swipe through the top for any system service, search or setting. Switch networks, turn mobile data on, mute the volume, respond to incoming messages or block notifications without leaving your application. In fact, any system setting can be changed directly, without losing your place in the app. That makes Ubuntu the best tablet for staying focused in a connected world.

Celebrate content
not controls

Swiping up from the bottom edge reveals app controls. If you don’t swipe, you don’t see any buttons or toolbars — leaving you free to focus on the stuff that matters — your photos, web pages, music, messages and apps. Ubuntu feels cleaner, more spacious and less cluttered because we don’t need buttons on every screen — your content is king.

Share popover on Ubuntu touch

Instant share and
cloud connections

Sharing is now built-in, with support for all the major networks. So any app can let you share with friends, family and co-workers. One touch is all it takes.

Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only ways to share. Content services like music and photo streaming can be connected via an OEM or third-party cloud service.

A whole world of apps

Web applications sit alongside native apps as equal citizens
on Ubuntu – with their own icons and access to system services. Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Gmail and Spotify are all available from day one – thanks to Ubuntu’s brilliant web app system, developers can easily make their site install on the tablet as an app.

We aren’t limited to HTML5. Native apps are blazingly fast, taking advantage of the full capabilities of the tablet’s processor and graphics hardware. A mobile SDK does most of the work for you, giving you that Ubuntu style.

Best of all, Ubuntu’s common platform enables development of one application which can then be published across phone, tablet, desktop and TV. Developer upload to user download can take five minutes flat.

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Searching for New York on Ubuntu tablet

Savvy search

Just ask and Ubuntu presents results from hundreds of sources in one, gorgeous page, saving you the trouble of comparison shopping or hunting down the right provider. Interested in Superman? Ubuntu searches the tablet and the web through its scopes, including retailers like Amazon or eBay.

The video scope will return the film, the music scope will return the soundtrack, finding exactly what you want has never been so easy.

Searching for New york on Ubuntu tablet

Naturally neat with scopes

Ubuntu’s stylish home brings together information from hundreds of sources. Any kind of content can be surfaced directly in a scopes page: apps, music, videos and scopes are showcased front and centre. Open what you want with a single touch — no need to worry which app to find it in.

Convergence that just clicks

Today’s tablets are as powerful as ultra-light laptops. Designed for convergence, the option to dock with a keyboard and mouse will provide a full Ubuntu PC desktop experience in future.

And since it is pure Ubuntu, tablets can be managed via Canonical’s proven systems management tool Landscape. That lets enterprise IT deploy a single, secure, portable corporate device for all kinds of applications.

Ubuntu convergence illustration

Build a tablet with us

List of app logos

Everything developers need

Create gorgeous apps easily with our SDK: HTML5, Apache Cordova, OpenGL and a native toolkit giving you a full range of options for modern app development. With one OS for all form factors, you can build a single app with interfaces for the tablet, PC and phone – all published in a single upload. That’s why leading game engines support Ubuntu, and why we’re the favourite developer desktop for both cloud and mobile engineering.

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Partner styled greeter screen

Perfect for partners

Canonical and Ubuntu enable industry partners to build devices that span the range, from low-BOM consumer electronics to enterprise-grade convergence devices for
the office, ruggedised, industrial and military. Fully customisable with branding, content and apps, Ubuntu
is the best choice for whatever tablet you want to make.

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Backed by Canonical

We provide hardware enablement services to the world’s biggest PC OEMs and,
as a result, Ubuntu is predicted to ship on almost 10% of the world’s new branded PCs by 2014. With a global team of specialists covering enablement and optimisation, we have the resources you need to deliver amazing Ubuntu tablets.

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