Scopes – discover more

Content and apps at your fingertips

Scopes are a smart, stunning and straightforward way to discover content and applications on the Ubuntu phone. They neatly organise content into natural categories like video, music, or integrate web content right at the centre of the phone experience, then present it beautifully. Browse with a swipe, open with a touch. It’s a visual and quick way for users to locate their most important content.

Surface content effortlessly

Scopes guide you to content the way you think about it. Remember that track you were listening to a few days ago? Pick up the Ubuntu phone, swipe to the music scope, glide through the beautiful carousel of track icons and tap to start listening. Fast and fluid, there’s no need to use home buttons or hunt for the right app first.

Your scopes your way

A new world of scopes awaits: social media scopes, news scopes, sport event scopes. Any kind of content can be held in a scope. Best of all, one tap enables you to select a favourite scope, placing it next to the default scopes. Your favourite content has never been closer.