A phone you can see yourself in

Ubuntu reflects you in the personalised graphics adorning the phone’s welcome screen. Designed by artists who specialise in finding beautiful visualisations of complex data, the welcome screen evolves as you use the phone, to be perfectly unique and personal. This isn’t so much a lock screen, it’s a sign saying: “come in”. A signature flourish for Ubuntu and for you.

Ubuntu Phone infographic showing distance walked Ubuntu Phone infographic showing hours at rest Ubuntu Phone infographic showing messages received Ubuntu Phone infographic showing tweets received Ubuntu Phone infographic showing duration of talk

Naturally neat

Your content and apps are at the heart of the Ubuntu experience - beautifully presented and neatly organised by scopes. One swipe takes you to Scopes, Apps, Music, Video. Outdated app grids are finished. Choose your favourites, just give them your star rating and tailor the phone for you.

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Everything at your fingertips

With great apps and intuitive gestures, the Ubuntu phone is quick to understand — soon you’ll be racing between your content without a thought. You can use natural swiping gestures from the edges of the screen to make it easier than ever to access your content and switch between apps.


A life in pictures

The Gallery makes it easier than ever to organise, find and share your photos. We focus on the photo, and you can bring in the controls when you need them. Every shot is instantly uploaded to your personal cloud account, making it available on all your devices — even iOS, Android and Windows.

Favourite apps

Most people use a small group of apps regularly. With Ubuntu all it takes is a swipe from the left edge of the screen to reveal the Launcher with all your favourites — with equal positioning for native and web apps. There’s room for everything you use daily, available instantly with a single touch from the welcome screen or any application.

Find anything, anywhere, instantly

The Ubuntu Dash and smart searches make finding content a breeze. Just search and watch the results come in — from everywhere. Looking for music? Ubuntu searches on your phone and at online retailers, for example including Amazon and 7 Digital.

Best of all, Ubuntu gets to know you over time, so the results will grow more relevant the more you search. Wherever it is, let Dash find it for you.

Clever control of settings

With Ubuntu, all of your notifications are gathered for your attention whenever you’re ready — just swipe down from the top edge of the screen. You can reply to Facebook, Twitter, text or picture messages and even return phone calls without leaving the notifications bar. You’ll never miss a thing. It also lets you check the status of your phone and access core settings.

Always running

Got apps running? A full left-to-right swipe reveals a screen showing them all, while a swipe from the right brings you instantly to the last app you were using. Switching between running applications has never been quicker or easier.

Content, not controls

Swiping up from the bottom edge of the phone reveals controls specific to the app you’re currently using. If you don’t swipe, you don’t see any controls, leaving you free to focus on the stuff that matters — your photos, web pages, music, messages and apps.

Collection of top apps available on Ubuntu Phone

A whole world of apps

Web applications sit alongside native apps on Ubuntu. They get their own icons and the same access to system notifications. So apps like Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, The Weather Channel and Dropbox are all available from day one — and thanks to our web app APIs, it’s easy for web developers to make their sites install on the phone.

But Ubuntu isn’t limited to HTML5. Native apps are blazingly fast, taking advantage of the full capabilities of the phone’s processor and graphics hardware. And a mobile SDK does most of the work for you, giving you an Ubuntu look and feel.

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