Ubuntu’s scopes give you related content on one screen, instead of hiding it behind different apps. So everything you look for in life is now right at your fingertips.

Introducing scopes

Ubuntu’s scopes are like individual home screens for different kinds of content, giving you access to everything from movies and music to local services and social media, without having to go through individual apps.

See scopes in action

A scope for every facet of life


When you’re out and about, the NearBy scope can help you find where to eat, what bands to see and even which bus to catch.


Listen to music from your library, stream from Soundcloud, download tracks from 7digital, or catch the latest gig with Songkick.


Get the latest news from from a range of different sources. Use the settings in this scope to create a tailored newspaper just for you.


Head back home at any time to see your most important interactions on one screen. Personalize the Today scope so what’s important to you, is right at your fingertips.

Life on the edge

Swipe from
the top

Swipe down from the top for access to notifications
and key phone settings, without breaking
your stride.

Swipe from
the left

Swipe from the left to reveal the Launcher, for quick access to your favourite features and apps.

Swipe from
the right

A full swipe from the right reveals all your running apps. A shorter one switches between the current apps and the last.

Swipe from the bottom

When you need to see the controls, all it takes is a swipe from the bottom edge of the screen.

It’s all in the details

Every feature of the phone reflects Ubuntu Phone’s design language. Consider it your first glimpse of Ubuntu’s future style across all devices.

The Ubuntu Store

You can choose from a wide range of scopes and apps in the Ubuntu Store from partners such as 7digital, Twitter and Euronews. All of these and many more are available for download in just a few taps.

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Ubuntu devices

Available now from Meizu and BQ

Ubuntu phones are now available for sale worldwide. You can purchase directly from our partners BQ and Meizu.

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