Carrier Advisory Group

  • H3G
  • China Unicom
  • Deutsche telekom
  • Everywhere everywhere
  • Korea telecom
  • LG uplus
  • MTN Group
  • Portugal telecom
  • Smart
  • Smartfren
  • South Korea telecom
  • T Mobile
  • Telecom Italia
  • Telstra
  • Verizon
  • Vodafone

The Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group (CAG) lets mobile operators shape Ubuntu’s mobile strategy. Members receive advance confidential briefings and provide us with industry insight to ensure that Ubuntu meets their needs.

Members of the CAG have the opportunity to be a launch partner and gain the right to ship Ubuntu in markets
they serve.

Benefits of joining

Regular CAG meetings

CAG meetings take place regularly and typically include a briefing by Canonical or a partner company, followed by feedback from carriers. Members can bring domain specialists to calls for each relevant topic covered. Topics planned for discussion in the CAG forum include:

  • Differentiation for OEMs and operators
  • Developer ecosystems and application portability
  • HTML5 standards, performance and compatibility
  • Marketplaces for apps, content and services
  • Revenue share models for publishers, operators, and OEMs
  • Payment mechanisms and standards
  • Platform fragmentation
  • Consumer and enterprise market segments and positioning
Ubuntu phone on the Events scope

Wide industry participation

A key goal for Ubuntu is to satisfy the operators’ need for more platform competition. Wide industry participation in the group will help us to prioritise the delivery of new Ubuntu features, and grow an ecosystem of software, services and devices that meets that need.

Launch priority

CAG members can launch Ubuntu devices before non-members in local markets. The first two launch partners will be selected from within the group, with the next wave following six months later; non-members will face a substantial wait to gain access to the platform.

Members will have early knowledge of silicon, as well as OEM and ODM partners involved in the Ubuntu mobile initiative.

Independently chaired

The Carrier Advisory Group is chaired independently of Canonical by David Wood, who has 25 years’ experience in the mobile industry, including leadership roles at Psion, Symbian and Accenture. He has wide experience with collaborative advisory groups, and twice served on the board of directors of the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance).

The mobile industry still needs an independent platform that
enables innovation and differentiation. That platform is Ubuntu.
The Carrier Advisory Group will have the opportunity to influence
the Ubuntu roadmap, and take full advantage of the potential of this emerging platform.  

David Wood, CAG Chairman