Dell and Ubuntu

Canonical and Dell have teamed up to offer an extensive range of desktop, notebook and server configurations, certified and suitable for home use, business use or software development. Dell and Canonical engineers collaborate every day to certify Dell hardware on Ubuntu, to a level that customers can rely on.

Dell and Canonical also work together to bring cloud infrastructure solutions to market, based on OpenStack and the Dell & Ubuntu reference architecture.

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Ubuntu is one of the leading enterprise-class Linux distributions and demand for the OS is growing among hyperscale customers

Forrest Norrod, VP and GM, Dell Server Solutions.

Canonical and Dell team together on PowerEdge 12G servers

The complete range of Dell’s PowerEdge 12G servers are now certified with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. These servers complement the Dell PowerEdge 11G and 10G Servers which have already been certified for Ubuntu, giving customers a wide choice of high performance devices for scale-out computing workloads.

Together, Dell and Canonical have extended their existing engineering agreement so customers with an Ubuntu Advantage support contract can have complete assurance - full software and hardware support from both companies.

Ubuntu Advantage is available from both Dell and Canonical. Customers can now deploy with confidence when purchasing Dell PowerEdge servers and Ubuntu Advantage.

As part of this agreement Canonical will add Dell 11G & 12G PowerEdge models to the Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS Certification List and Dell will add Ubuntu Server to its Linux OS Support Matrix

David Duffey, Canonical’s Director of Technical Partnerships

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With Ubuntu Server, Dell and Canonical, makers of Ubuntu, are in a great position to service hyperscale deployments

Tui Leauanae, Dell’s Linux Portfolio Manager

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If you are deploying Ubuntu Server on Dell PowerEdge or PowerEdge-C, you can be confident that Dell and Canonical will be able to effectively support your needs going forward.

Jose De la Rosa, Dell Linux Engineer

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With Ubuntu 12.04 LTS preloaded, the Dell XPS 13 is perfect for developers and anyone who wants a powerful processor coupled with brilliant graphics and smart design.

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Dell XPS 13 developer edition

Professional support offerings

All Dell certified solutions are supported by Canonical’s Professional Support Group, offering a choice of support options for your particular needs.

Certified systems

Working closely with Dell’s engineering team to pre-install Ubuntu, Canonical has tested and certified a range of server and desktop systems from Dell.