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At Canonical we know Ubuntu inside out; we’re the company behind it.

Since 2004 we’ve marshalled Ubuntu through 20 successful releases. We have a long history of bringing devices to market - we work with device makers, OEMs, ODMs and mobile network operators every day. And with offices on three continents, we’re truly global.

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Get to market faster

You can bring your Ubuntu device to market faster and with less complexity by working with us. Experts in operating system development and software engineering, we’ve worked with brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Intel for many years, helping them identify market opportunities, deliver on time and ensured a stunning experience on every device.

Family of devices

Experts in Linux on ARM

No other branded Linux distribution can match our presence on the ARM platform.

We have been engaged by ARM and their SoC partners since 2008 to enable Ubuntu for the ARM architecture. Canonical was the founding Linux member of Linaro, the consortium set up to promote Linux on ARM and today, we are a world leader in the supply of software for low-energy ARM devices, from smartphones to supercomputers.

Custom engineering, all over the world

Engineering needs differ by market and engagements can be led from the US, Europe or Asia, with local teams accountable for your needs.

Our projects cover enablement and certification of components as well as complete systems. We work with component manufacturers to make sure that drivers are integrated and up-to-date, that third-party commercial software can be integrated easily, and that Ubuntu can be customised where necessary to meet your needs.

You can even omit the Ubuntu UI if you have your own, building your devices with just the industry-standard Ubuntu Core. That way, you’ll still enjoy the most popular Linux toolchain, core system libraries, security updates and a huge selection of packages at a very low cost per device. Whatever the architecture, it’s all good on Ubuntu.

Canonical Logo
Canonical Logo

Keeping your devices secure and up to date

Your long-term competitiveness and security rests on your ability to keep your devices up to date. We have a flawless track record at maintaining a secure and stable OS in the PC sector, which we bring to all our customer engagements. We take care of all security and critical bug fixes to the base platform and we provide the infrastructure you need for global update management on an ongoing basis.

Once in-market, you can add value with solutions to deliver OS updates and app updates.

And as your peripheral ecosystem grows, we can work with your manufacturers to ensure that their drivers are incorporated into the Ubuntu platform - and delivered without any adverse effect on the user experience.

Nine years and 20 releases – and all on time

Since its launch in 2004, Ubuntu has kept to a strict six-month release cycle. Every fourth release, including the current one, Ubuntu 14.04, benefits from long-term support (LTS) - which means five years’ worth of hardware, security and maintenance updates guaranteed, giving business users the confidence to commit to Ubuntu at scale.

Content distribution made easy

Global content distribution agreements take time to negotiate and resources to maintain. Canonical has agreements in place with third parties and industry organisations to include codecs for common media formats.

We also manage access fees for services that provide channel listings or additional information on the content being viewed.

So if you choose to engage with us around an Ubuntu device you can be sure these and other related subscription, royalty and regulatory fees will be covered.