ASUS and Ubuntu

ASUS is a multinational computer manufacturer headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. They have been working with Canonical to bring great performing notebooks, netbooks and all in one computers to consumers and enterprises.


ASUS 1015E with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

The 1015E is a high performing laptop in a compact and light package. Dual-core processing power, USB 3.0, and Ubuntu’s legendary speed ensure it’s more than fast enough for email, the web, voice and video calls, or your favourite videos. Whilst at 2.64lb, and 1” thin, it’s light and compact enough to fit in your bag, use comfortably at work, at home or anywhere in between.

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ASUS 1015E

Certified systems

ASUS and Canonical engineering teams synchronize efforts to ensure that hardware components are compatible with Ubuntu and fully functional.

ASUS and Canonical are committed to providing offerings into the market that meet specific needs. If you are looking for a computer in a specific vertical market — enterprise, education, health, financial — you have an increasing number of machines that will be able to fit your needs.

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