Canonical partners help to ensure that Ubuntu will always be compatible with the latest hardware and software. And they provide a range of services from implementation support to specialist tools.

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Canonical partners provide a variety of software, hardware and implementation services to help you make the most of your open-source IT environment.

Certified software

Certified software undergoes a rigorous testing process. It must be compatible with Ubuntu and easy to install and uninstall according to user requirements.

Certified hardware

Certified hardware must pass a series of validation tests conducted by Canonical. Users can be confident that any certified hardware will be compatible with Ubuntu.

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With more than 20 million users, Ubuntu is growing in popularity every day. This huge installed base represents an enormous market for applications and services, from games and social media to cloud consulting for the enterprise.

Canonical supports the Ubuntu project, providing marketing support, product development strategy and enterprise services, in the form of the Ubuntu Advantage programme. By partnering with Canonical, your business could benefit from early information on where Ubuntu is heading, along with opportunities to share the spotlight at events.

Whether you’re building clouds, software or hardware, there has never been a better time to become part of the team.

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Having Canonical teams working on OpenStack and its integration with Ubuntu is priceless.
It's a very natural fit.  

Thierry Carrez, Release Manager, OpenStack

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