Landscape features

Landscape allows you to manage thousands of Ubuntu machines as easily as one, making it far more cost-effective to support large and growing networks of desktops, servers and cloud instances.

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Making software management simple

  • Manage machines in bulk
  • Tag machines to associate them with different profiles
  • Transparent cross-platform support for x86 and ARM binaries
  • Specify update policies and maintenance windows, during which software updates can be performed
  • Ensure managed devices are up-to-date with the latest security fixes
  • Hold a specific software package at a designated release, to prevent accidental breakage. Holds can be set using Landscape or the shell tools; both are recognised operationally
  • Support a validation/integration workflow to ensure that updates don’t break mission-critical applications
  • Make sure that only applications and updates vetted by your local IS team are installed
  • Install, remove and update packages to managed devices
  • Rollback software to a previously installed version, if a problem is discovered
  • Provide custom repositories to internally provision applications

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Deployment – on the metal or in the cloud

  • Provision a new starter’s desktop from standard templates
  • Deploy a new server remotely, from bare metal
  • Rapidly deploy new cloud nodes into your private cloud infrastructure
  • Coordinate deployment at multiple sites, without affecting the WAN’s performance
  • Roll out an entire private cloud directly at server unboxing
  • Limit the number of cloud instances your administrators can purchase

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  • Helping you identify and troubleshoot user issues
  • Historical data archive of a system’s critical variables
  • Ready access to a list of all processes running on a system (rogue processes can be killed remotely)
  • A graphical module that makes it easy to plot trends of temperature, disk and memory usage, system load or custom metrics
  • Scriptable, custom trend information based on the parameters that matter to you

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Inventory management

  • Access full package information for all registered machines, including security notices applicable to the selected device.
  • Enjoy rapid access to a system’s hardware properties to track hardware-specific issues

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Build and manage your cloud in minutes

  • Get an OpenStack up and running in a matter of minutes
  • Keeps an inventory of your resources to recommend the best configuration options
  • A growing list of options for hypervisor, networking, storage, and other components
  • See the status of all cloud resources at once, with alerts for any disruptions
  • Scale out with ease, as your cloud workloads grow
  • Uses all of Canonical’s proven cloud building and management tools
  • Manage your cloud from the same system as all other Ubuntu machines
  • Free for up to 10 machines

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