Systems management and support

Ubuntu Advantage is the professional support package from Canonical, with Landscape, a systems management tool, built for running large-scale Ubuntu deployments on desktop, server or cloud.

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Ubuntu Advantage: what’s included?

Systems management: Landscape

With the Landscape systems management tool, you can automate updates and manage physical, virtual and cloud-based systems from a single interface. It's easy to set up, easy to use and requires no special hardware. It features:

  • Management at scale
  • Deploy or rollback security updates
  • Compliance reports
  • Role-based access
  • Informative monitoring

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24/7 support

Canonical’s Global Support & Services team provides around-the-clock coverage for Ubuntu deployments all over the world. Telephone support gives you access to engineers with first-hand experience of your issues, while the online portal lets you track the progress of cases in real time.

Technical library

Exclusive to Ubuntu Advantage subscribers, the Canonical Knowledge Base is an online library of articles on technical issues including security, migration and networking.

Watch it in action

With Landscape you can manage your machines from anywhere and with a fully scriptable API, you can integrate it with your current Linux management tools, extending their capabilities and giving you the power to do more with fewer resources.

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Auditors love the fact that we have centralised tools for updating servers and reporting on every element of our infrastructure

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ROI over five years

Cut your IT costs with Landscape

Landscape is already used to manage hundreds of thousands of machines around the world, both physical and virtual, saving our customers money every day.

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Previously, we needed lots of people to deploy, maintain, upgrade and support infrastructure at our offices around the world

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Benefits for system administrators

  • Solves the hardest management problems, including building and maintaining software repositories, managing different machine profiles, delegating permissions at a granular level, auditing others’ actions and accessing asset information in real time.
  • Integration with common client-side Linux sysadmin tooling, so you can see the same information about individual machines as you see in the terminal.
  • A complete API lets you use established technologies (e.g. Bash, Python) to borrow or build on Landscape’s functionality.
  • Custom scripts need only be written to allow for the business logic unique to your organisation; common tasks (e.g. repository management) are already covered, so there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.
  • You can manage machines remotely from anywhere you can access a web browser.
  • Receive alerts when updates become available for specific machines, or manage auto-update policies, instructing devices to update during set maintenance windows.
  • RBAC features for delegating certain activities on specific machines to others — reducing your workload without sacrificing control.

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Benefits for IT managers

  • Automation of repetitive tasks at scale helps ensure uniformity across your IT estate and eliminates the costs associated with rectifying human errors.
  • By reducing the number of administrators required for basic, day-to-day management, your team are free to focus on more productive activities that deliver value to your organisation.
  • Custom reporting makes regulatory compliance significantly less problematic, costly and time consuming.
  • Unlike in-house systems that may have grown organically, Landscape scales with your environment, enabling you to manage up to 40,000 machines with a single instance.
  • Thanks to an extensive, scriptable API, Landscape can be easily integrated with your current configuration management, monitoring and ticketing systems.
  • Updates and future versions are delivered at no cost, because Landscape is part of the Ubuntu Advantage service subscription.
  • Landscape can be used to manage desktop, server and cloud deployments, or subsets of those deployments that you define when you subscribe to Ubuntu Advantage.
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