Ubuntu Kylin for China

Ubuntu Kylin is an official flavour of Ubuntu. It is a free PC operating system created for China and complies with the Chinese Government procurement regulations. It includes all the features you’ve come to expect from Ubuntu, alongside essential Chinese software and apps. The interface has been designed specifically to put Chinese users first — and with new support for touch screens and HiDPI monitors, it runs beautifully on all kinds of hardware.

Ubuntu 中国网站现已面世

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A global partnership

To create Ubuntu Kylin, Canonical partnered with China Software and Integrated Chip Promotions Centre (CSIP) and the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) to produce a fully localised and customised version of Ubuntu.

The team is working together with the open-source community to adapt the core features of Ubuntu to better suit Chinese users. Along with localised versions of the Ubuntu Software Centre, Ubuntu Kylin also features some of the most commonly used Chinese applications.

  • Canonical
  • CSIP
  • NUDT

What’s new in 15.10?

Alongside support for the very latest hardware, Ubuntu 15.10 includes new versions of many core apps and developer technologies.

  • Linux 4.2.1 kernel
  • Firefox 41, Thunderbird 38.2 and Chromium 45 updates
  • LibreOffice 5.0.1 with improved formatting of calc, refreshed theme and improvements to menu and sidebars
  • Added Shuangpin input scheme into Sogou Input Method
  • Pinyin search in the dash
  • Improvements to Ubuntu Kylin Software Center and Youker Assistant
HP laptop

Now available on latest devices

Ubuntu Kylin is now pre-installed on the latest and greatest commercial hardware from HP and Asus.

China’s own Ubuntu

Ubuntu Kylin has been fully customised to the needs of Chinese users, with all the key apps and services you need get things done.

Sogou Input Method

Ubuntu Kylin has been designed specifically for Chinese keyboards, allowing many of your words and sentences to be completed automatically. It works with Sogou Input Method, the typing system with web search built-in, making your PC even faster and easier to use. The latest version includes “Shuangpin” input scheme as an alternative to both full and simplified Pinyin.

Youker Assistant

Youker is a simple yet powerful tool built to help Windows users migrate to Ubuntu as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This integrated tool aids with routine system maintenance tasks such as detecting hardware and handling interface customisation. You don’t need to worry about learning the Ubuntu way with Youker as your assistant.

Smart Scopes

Chinese users get special, localised smart scopes in the Ubuntu Kylin Dash, which make searching for online content easy and relevant. A search for images will include online results from Sogou, videos will bring up popular Youku clips, and music results come via Baidu -- all alongside results from your local collections. It’s the smarter way to find content.

Kingsoft WPS Office

The most popular office suite in China is available on Ubuntu Kylin. We’ve worked closely with Kingsoft, so you can make full use of its WPS Office package for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Chinese lunar calendar

As well as the western Gregorian layout, Ubuntu Kylin’s in-built calendar includes the traditional Chinese lunar layout, so Chinese users can keep up with their day-to-day plans while also respecting national holidays.

Kingsoft Kuaipan cloud storage

As well as a great Chinese operating system, the latest version of Ubuntu Kylin gives you enough personal cloud storage for up to 2 million photos and 10 millions documents, so you can access all your important files and content over the web or on any Kuaipan-compatible device.

Unity 8 preview

Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 offers an optional preview of Unity 8, the next generation Ubuntu user interface. To download the preview, search for unity8-desktop-session-mir in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Please note that it uses the current version of Mir, the new graphics platform being developed by the Ubuntu community. Mir only works with open-source graphics drivers at present.