Photos and videos

Ubuntu is full of free apps to help you enjoy, manage, edit and share your photos and videos — whatever you use to take them. With fantastic support for cameras and phones, you won’t need any extra drivers to get up and running.

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VLC media player on Ubuntu

Organise your photos

With Shotwell, you can quickly and easily import, organise, edit and view your pictures. And you can share your favourite snaps on all popular photo sites and social networks.

Shotwell on Ubuntu

Photo and illustration tools

Edit your photos or create professional illustrations and designs with tools like GIMP and Inkscape, available in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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Watch videos

Watch all your favourite content online from YouTube, BBC iPlayer and MSN Player. Or download and watch movies with VLC, available in the Ubuntu Software Centre.


Edit your movies

Edit your movies with PiTiVi and then watch them in Movie Player — or add VLC and OpenShot from the Ubuntu Software Centre, for compatibility with even more file formats.

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Wouldn’t it be great if your computer recognised your camera or phone straight away?
With Ubuntu, you don’t need to worry about installation CDs or downloading extra drivers. It integrates brilliantly with a wide range of devices.

Also available in the Ubuntu Software Centre:

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    GIMP is an advanced picture editor that offers a large collection of professional-level tools and filters.

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    Inkscape allows you to create and edit scalable vector graphics (SVG).

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    Cheese is a webcam application that supports image and video capture.