Games and apps

Ubuntu Software Centre also gives you instant access to thousands of great applications — some free and some available commercially. You can also search for apps directly from the Dash. If you see something you like, you can get more information and then install it in just a couple of clicks.


Educational resources

The Ubuntu Software Centre comes with a range of apps that make learning fun and engaging.


Ratings and reviews

Each application comes with ratings and reviews to make it easier for you to decide which apps you want to install.


Fun and games

From Sudoku to shoot-em-ups, we’ve got loads of games that’ll keep you busy for hours.

Humble Indie Bundle

You can also pick up some incredible games directly from the Ubuntu Software Centre, as Ubuntu has teamed up with the regular Humble Indie Bundle charity sales. Pick from critically acclaimed titles such as Braid and Bastion, Limbo and FEZ.

Steam on Ubuntu

As the PC gaming resurgence continues at pace, Ubuntu has quickly become a great platform for cutting-edge games. Canonical and Valve have worked together to bring the world’s biggest open gaming platform to Ubuntu, with more and more Linux-compatible games, so download Steam today and start playing thousands of titles.

Steam screenshot

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