Ubuntu OpenStack

Whether you are building a cloud or using Ubuntu in a public cloud, we have the software, tools and services that will help your business make the most of your infrastructure.

The Ubuntu OpenStack solution

Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS and 13.10 with OpenStack’s Havana release provide the most robust foundation for your cloud. Complemented by a powerful set of tools and services to make the difference to your business.


Free software

Provision your hardware into a cloud in minutes. MAAS makes it easy to set up your hardware and turn your servers into a cloud.

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Free software

Juju is a revolution in service orchestration. Set up and deploy services, like MySQL and Hadoop, in seconds, to any cloud running Ubuntu — public or private.

Landscape ›

Free for 30 days

Landscape is the ultimate cloud management tool. It makes sure the software is up-to-date, monitors the system’s health and keeps your servers running perfectly.

Building your own cloud?

Ubuntu OpenStack is the fastest, easiest and most robust way to build an open cloud. As the reference operating system for OpenStack, Ubuntu includes everything you need for making a feature-rich OpenStack deployment. And we guide you through it all with our enterprise class support for both Ubuntu and OpenStack.

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Using Ubuntu in the cloud?

Ubuntu is the most popular guest operating system on public clouds and the fastest growing scale-out platform. The following public clouds provide official, certified Ubuntu images.

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  • IBM
  • Windows Azure

Public or private cloud? ›

Is your organisation better off using a public cloud or building its own private cloud? What factors and trade-offs should you consider?


Complete set of cloud tools for your cloud

Whether you use Ubuntu in a public, private or hybrid cloud, we have tools to help you build, scale, manage and support your cloud.

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The Juju GUI in a web browser

13.10 and Havana are here

Ubuntu OpenStack built with the Havana release is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to build and support the most up to date OpenStack cloud.

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