An OpenStack test cloud, built on your premises by Canonical engineers.

Jumpstart is a fast, low-risk way to deploy OpenStack cloud infrastructure on your premises, for testing or proof of concept. There’s no safer way to create your first cloud than with Canonical engineers by your side.

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The best way to minimise risk in cloud deployments is to start small. And Jumpstart is the perfect way to that.


What are the benefits?

Jumpstart builds an OpenStack cloud on your hardware, delivered by an on-site Canonical services engineer and managed by a Canonical engagement manager. The engagement includes:

  • A planning framework in which to make essential, core architecture decisions
  • A seed Ubuntu cloud deployment on up to 20 of your servers
  • Training in tools and processes to support your cloud

What the engineer will do

  • Work with your ops team to design and deploy Ubuntu cloud Infrastructure on your hardware
  • Share knowledge on the use of Ubuntu cloud guest (a version specifically designed for public or private clouds)
  • Deliver the required core build for Ubuntu Server
  • Plan and implement user and group requirements
  • Develop and integrate baseline security policies
  • Assess your physical storage and integrate it with your cloud infrastructure
  • Help with the deployment of Ubuntu cloud Infrastructure compute and/or storage services
  • Configure automated deployment tools
  • Help you develop a strategy for managing cloud capacity
  • Configure the Ubuntu cloud to use hosted Landscape, the Ubuntu systems management tool, for update and patch management
  • Introduce your team to Juju and use it in your cloud environment
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OpenStack loves Ubuntu

The reference architecture for OpenStack is based on Ubuntu. Jumpstart gives you a private cloud compatible with that architecture, on the hardware of your choice. The resulting cloud will be adapted to your preference for storage, network and compute — and will remain compatible with our reference cloud for all workloads.

Learn more about the OpenStack reference architecture ›

Jumpstart is just the start

The scope of our standard Jumpstart engagement is limited to cloud deployment and training. Additional support, assurance, consulting, integration and professional services are available on a bespoke basis, both from Canonical and third-party providers.

A complimentary 30-day subscription to Ubuntu Advantage is included with Jumpstart to provide support after deployment, and it can be extended to cover any pieces of your Ubuntu deployment.

Canonical helps your
cloud grow

Ubuntu is the OS of choice for new clouds, both as host and guest. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has unparalleled experience deploying cloud infrastructure solutions; we can help you take the core design decisions needed to ensure your cloud will grow smoothly in years to come.

Planning for the hybrid cloud

Ubuntu offers native support for all major private and public cloud platforms. It’s the most heavily used OS on both Amazon AWS and Rackspace, and hosts new public clouds from multiple industry players. Building your private cloud with Ubuntu cloud Infrastructure gives you the unmatched ability to burst workloads from your private cloud to the major public clouds.