Cloud tools

You want to minimise the time to get your cloud infrastructure up and running and start offering your services to customers. We have the tools to get you there.

Orchestration with Juju

Juju is the game-changing service orchestration tool that’s the fastest way to deploy OpenStack on Ubuntu. Its libraries of ‘charms’ make it simple to deploy, configure and scale out cloud services with only a few simple commands.

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Provisioning with MAAS

MAAS is the bare-metal provisioning tool that turns your hardware environment into a cloud in minutes. It takes the pain out of detection and configuration and gets your servers ready for Juju.

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Manage your cloud with Landscape

Landscape is where the power of Ubuntu OpenStack really comes together. It allows you to monitor your cloud environment, manage updates, and produce timely and accurate compliance reports. The rich, web-based GUI gives you an instant overview of everything going on in your cloud, from hardware to workloads.

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Jumpstart is a fast, low-risk way to plan and build a cloud. Let a Canonical engineer build an OpenStack test cloud on your premises, for you to evaluate.

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