Ubuntu is the world’s most popular operating system for OpenStack. There’s no faster or more reliable way to build an enterprise-scale cloud, from provisioning to deployment and management.

Whatever your requirements, we have a solution for you.

  • The Canonical Distribution
    Build a best-practice cloud in minutes, based on our popular reference architecture

  • BootStack
    Let us build and operate your cloud for you, and transfer it when you’re ready

  • Extreme OpenStack
    Ubuntu Openstack customised for your needs, maximising scale and performance

  • Jumpstart
    Still not sure? Train and experiment before you invest

The Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack

Build your cloud in minutes

  • Configure cloud

  • Install regions

  • Monitor performance

The fastest and easiest way to build and manage an OpenStack cloud. The web-based wizard guides you through the configuration, enabling you to build a working cloud on your hardware in minutes, and recommending the best utilisation of your resources.

Housed within the Landscape systems management service, it offers you a complete overview of your underlying infrastructure at any given time, and gives you the ability to scale it as your demand increases.

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Choose Openstack and we’ll make it happen

A hosted or on-premise Ubuntu OpenStack cloud, built and operated by us until you’re ready to take the keys. No need to wait until you build in-house OpenStack expertise. Get your cloud up and running in days, at transparent and predictable costs.

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Extreme Openstack

Take Ubuntu OpenStack to its absolute limits of scale and performance

Have a need for more customisation? We have helped the world’s leading telcos and service providers take their OpenStack clouds from concept all the way to production. We have an extensive portfolio of services to help you build and support an Extreme OpenStack cloud.

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Train and experiment before you invest

With Jumpstart Training, Canonical engineers will deliver a self-contained Ubuntu OpenStack cloud-in-a-box to your office. You will get two days of training and 2 weeks to experiment with the box. Build and destroy clouds, test your workloads, and bring your staff up to speed at your leisure.

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Why build your cloud on Ubuntu?

  • A long history of integration and testing with OpenStack ‐ no other combination works as reliably at enterprise scale
  • A range of commercial support and management packages available
  • A thriving ecosystem of third party components
  • Full support for OpenStack for the duration of Ubuntu LTS support
  • Industry-leading portfolio of cloud tools, which you can also download and use individually.

The best tools of the trade

  • Ubuntu Server, the world-leading server OS with its cutting-edge features and reliable release cadence. Ubuntu OpenStack, the most popular OpenStack distribution, the one closest to trunk and the first to get tested.

  • Juju, the magical service orchestration tool, and by far the fastest way to deploy OpenStack or any complex workloads on a public or private cloud.

  • MAAS, the bare-metal provisioning tool, which helps you turn any hardware into a coherent, cloud-like setup in minutes.

  • Landscape, the robust systems management tool which allows you to monitor your cloud resources and alerts you to any issues, making cloud management an easy and resource-light task.