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Ubuntu OpenStack is fully supported through Ubuntu Advantage from Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Advantage provides efficient systems administration, fast problem resolution and access to the Ubuntu and OpenStack experts as and when you need them. You can choose the level of support you need based on your workloads and cloud setup. And now, Ubuntu OpenStack — The Canonical Distribution provides the quickest and easiest way to build and manage your OpenStack cloud.

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Landscape is the systems management tool for Ubuntu OpenStack included with Ubuntu Advantage. It allows you to manage, audit and report on your Ubuntu OpenStack cloud, and services running within it, making your entire environment more cost-effective.

Ubuntu Advantage: what’s included?

  • Landscape for systems management, including Canonical’s OpenStack Distribution
  • Flexible deployment options, hosted or on-premise
  • 24/7 global technical support including unlimited support for Ubuntu guest images
  • Online Knowledge Base

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Ubuntu Advantage pricing

Canonical’s cloud pricing is now based on availability zones, which we define as an isolated part of your cloud infrastructure, protected from failures elsewhere. Availability zones allow you to design and grow your OpenStack cloud without counting the number of physical nodes in production or having to upgrade your Ubuntu Advantage contract.

Ubuntu Advantage includes everything you need for your cloud: support, management, an unlimited number of Ubuntu guests, and Swift or Ceph storage options, all for one competitive price.

If availability zones don’t apply to your enterprise, pricing is instead based on the number of datacentres.

Service-level agreement for all cloud plans

Cloud SLA
Hours of support 24/7
Number of cases Unlimited
Support channels Phone and online
Response times
Severity 1 1 hour
Severity 2 4 hours
Severity 3 4 hours
Severity 4 1 business day

Choose the right level of cover for your needs

Cloud features Small Medium Large
Number of nodes Up to 100 nodes Up to 500 nodes More than 500 nodes
Infrastructure 24/7 support Yes Yes Yes
Landscape Dedicated Server Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited supported Ubuntu guests* Yes Yes Yes
Ceph storage included 64TB 64TB 64TB
Price per year per availability zone $75,000k $180,000k $350,000k

* Support for guests is limited to office hours, but can be upgraded to 24/7

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Breeze through cloud building with The Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack

The Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack guides you through all the steps necessary to configure, build and manage a working cloud on your hardware — and do so in minutes. There is simply no quicker way to create an OpenStack cloud.

Housed within the Landscape systems management service, it offers you a complete overview of your underlying infrastructure and complete control over how you build an Ubuntu OpenStack cloud on it.

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Everything just works

The Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack recommends the best storage, networking and hypervisor technologies for your infrastructure, with more partner solutions being added to the range of options as they pass their integration tests in the Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL).

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Monitor and manage as you scale

OpenStack-aware monitoring in Landscape helps you track the continued availability of your cloud’s computing, storage and network resources. It also helps with capacity planning by making real-time predictions based on current utilisation trends, helping you determine when to add new nodes or extra storage.

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The cost of experimenting just dropped to zero

With The Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack, you can now experiment with different cloud technology combinations with very little effort. You can re-design and rebuild your cloud as often as you want, with virtually no time investment at

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