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Everything you need for an OpenStack cloud

Ubuntu Server with OpenStack

Free software

The core of Ubuntu OpenStack. Includes the latest OpenStack release, tested, packaged, and fully integrated. Available through the ‘Cloud Archive’, ready to install.

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Free for 30 days

The ultimate cloud management tool for Ubuntu OpenStack. Makes managing thousands of nodes in your Ubuntu cloud as easy as managing one. Included in Ubuntu Advantage.

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Free software

Turns your hardware into a cloud in minutes. No need to worry about arduous provisioning and configuration. MAAS will do all that and more, on virtually any hardware!

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Free software

A revolution in service orchestration. Deploy OpenStack in minutes and spin up and manage services in a few clicks from within your browser. High-availability included!

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Getting started

Setting up an Ubuntu OpenStack cloud is straightforward.

  1. 1Download Ubuntu Server for cloud
  2. 2Use MAAS to provision your hardware
  3. 3Use Juju to install OpenStack and deploy your services
  4. 4Try Landscape to manage your servers and get support from Canonical

Download Ubuntu OpenStack

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Ubuntu OpenStack ›

What makes up Ubuntu OpenStack? And how do all the parts fit together? Learn all about Ubuntu Server, MAAS, Juju and Landscape, as well as available support from Canonical in this quick guide.


Thinking big?

Becoming a public cloud provider

Telcos and service providers face specific challenges when building public clouds. You need to think hard about minimising risks to your cloud deployment, and have an estimate of your time to market. Ideally, you should learn from other companies’ experience with building public clouds.

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Entering the cloud fray ›

Read about the challenges facing new cloud operators and how to overcome them.

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Best practices in OpenStack clouds ›

Hear our stories of building Ubuntu OpenStack clouds for some of the world’s largest telcos.


Already in production?

Are you already running an Ubuntu OpenStack cloud? Or are you looking to move from proof of concept to production? Choosing your cloud technology is only the first step. Getting the most out of your resources is essential to running a successful cloud operation. We have compiled some tips and tricks from our experts to help you optimise your Ubuntu OpenStack deployment, cope with growth and increasing demand, and offer your internal and external customers a safe, reliable, and overall excellent cloud experience.

Powering the public cloud ›

How does Ubuntu OpenStack enable new revenue streams through your public cloud deployment? How do you delight your customers and exceed SLAs while managing risks and costs? Your guide to production public clouds.

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Certify your Ubuntu images ›

Canonical’s Certified Public Cloud Programme is the only way to ensure your customers get the best and fullest Ubuntu experience.


Building a private cloud? ›

Integrating Ubuntu OpenStack into your existing environment; the best scale-out, management, monitoring, and reporting strategies; customising OpenStack to your needs, and much more.

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Management and support

With stringent SLAs you can’t afford to take any chances. Having access to comprehensive support is just as important as choosing the right cloud infrastructure. Ubuntu Advantage gives you professional management and support, including access to cloud experts as and when you need them.

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Powerful ecosystem

The days of one-size-fits-all IT and cloud infrastructure are gone, so it’s vital yours gives you options. Whether it’s substituting parts of OpenStack or adding plugins to popular tools, every component must be fully certified and supported. The Ubuntu Cloud ecosystem complements industry-leading cloud solutions with the support and consulting expertise you need.

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Start today

For a fixed price and with minimal risk, Jumpstart will get a cloud up and running in just five days.

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