Let Canonical build, support and manage your cloud for only $15 per host per day

Now you can have an operational OpenStack cloud of any size, without the learning curve involved in creating it yourself. Let Canonical’s OpenStack experts build and manage a cloud to your exact specification for just $15 per host, per day.

The easiest route to an OpenStack cloud

  • A cloud to your specification
  • On hardware of your choice
  • In your datacentre or on your premises
  • Or hosted with IBM’s Softlayer
  • Managed and supported by Canonical
  • $15 per host per day *

*Excludes cost of hardware and hosting

Enterprise-grade service

Based on Canonical’s long experience in designing OpenStack clouds for enterprise customers, BootStack is designed to relieve you of all management headaches. It features a comprehensive SLA to guarantee availability, whatever your demands. In short, Canonical takes complete responsibility for the uptime and responsiveness of your cloud.

From five machines to five million

BootStack can deliver a test cloud on as few as five hosts – useful, if you’re considering it for prototyping, proof-of-concept or as a training platform. But it can also be a fast and foolproof way to deliver an enterprise-scale, production cloud, with the peace of mind you only get from 24/7 management and support. Whatever you need your OpenStack cloud for, BootStack is the fastest way to get it.

A true best-of-breed cloud

The BootStack service gives you an unbeatable combination:

  • OpenStack, the world’s leading open cloud platform
  • Ubuntu, the number one operating system for OpenStack
  • Your choice of hardware, certified by Canonical for Ubuntu and OpenStack
  • Hosting from IBM Softlayer if you prefer
  • 24/7 support and management from the OpenStack experts at Canonical

Take control when it suits you

Canonical will continue to provide 24/7 management and support for your cloud for as long as you need it. But if there comes a point when you’re ready to take it in-house, our engineers will hand over operational responsibility smoothly and without disruption.

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