Certification test suite

When a system is certified for Ubuntu, the following items are tested and considered supported:

Device Client Systems Server Systems
Processors Yes Yes
CPU Virtualisation Extensions Yes
Memory Devices (System RAM) Yes Yes
USB Ports Yes
Remote Management Controllers1 Yes
Laptop Lid Sensors Yes
PCMCIA and PC Card Express ports Yes
Audio Subsystem
Sound Cards Yes
Internal Speakers and Microphones Yes
External Speakers and Microphones Yes
USB Audio Devices Yes
Bluetooth Subsystem
Bluetooth Audio Devices Yes
Bluetooth Controllers Yes
Bluetooth Peripherals Yes
Input Devices
Mice Yes Yes
Keyboards Yes Yes
Display Adapters
Internal video adapters Yes
External video ports2 Yes
Firewire Devices
Firewire (IEEE 1394) Ports3 Yes
Laptop Hot Keys
Media Control Yes
Brightness Yes
Wireless Yes
Sleep Yes
Network Subsystem
Ethernet Yes Yes
Wi-fi Yes
Power Management Subsystem
Suspend Yes Yes
Hibernate Yes
Removable Storage Devices
CD/CD-RW drives Yes Yes
DVD/DVD-RW drives Yes Yes
Floppy drives Yes Yes
Card Readers
SD Yes
Storage Subsystem
SATA/IDE Onboard Controllers Yes Yes
SAS Onboard Controllers Yes Yes
Some Hardware RAID Controllers Yes
Video Devices
Built-in Cameras Yes


  1. BMC testing is limited to basic IPMI communications testing only 
  2. HDMI video only, HDMI audio is not currently tested 
  3. Only external hard drives are currently tested with Firewire ports