Ubuntu on IBM S822L (PowerKVM)

The IBM S822L (PowerKVM) server with the components described below has been awarded the status of Certified for Ubuntu.


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ppc64el

Testing details

This system was tested with 14.04 LTS, running the 3.13.0-27.50 kernel.

Certification notes

PowerKVM Guest
This certifies that Ubuntu has been certified as a guest on IBM's PowerKVM Hypervisor on this Power hardware.
PowerKVM Updates Required
In order to fully utilize the power of Ubuntu on IBM PowerKVM, you will need to update PowerKVM to at least version This will enable some changes that allow MAAS to completely control the guests running on PowerKVM systems. The latest PowerKVM updates can be found at IBM's Fix Central at this URL: http://www-933.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/swg/selectFix?product=ibm%2FOther+software%2FPowerKVM&fixids=ibm-powerkvm-updates-

Hardware overview

This system was tested with these key components:

Intel 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller