Automated deployments of Ubuntu


Whether you run a large data centre, have a few servers or manage desktop computers, systems administrators often need to automate computer deployments. Ubuntu offers multiple options to meet this need.


Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud - a guide to effective cloud management


Bring cloud computing in to focus. Find out how your business can take advantage of cloud technology with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC). Our technical consultant provides an overview of the UEC platform and shows you how to use a single systems management tool to manage your entire UEC infrastructure – and UEC images – on your private and public clouds.


Successful desktop migration made easy


Take advantage of Ubuntu Desktop today and learn how best to deploy Ubuntu in your business. This webinar explains proven methodologies for a smooth transition and help you avoid common issues. Our technical consultant highlights real-life scenarios at each stage to give you a better idea of how you can make the transition to Ubuntu quickly and easily.


Your top 10 Ubuntu Server questions answered


What's unique about Ubuntu Server? Is it secure enough to use in my business? Who else is using it?  Whether you've already deployed Ubuntu in your business or are just starting to consider it, we know that you're bound to have questions. We answer the top 10 Ubuntu Server questions we come across so you can get the facts about Ubuntu Server Edition.

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